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  2. Moin. I hope everyone had a chance to answer the survey. There will be a more detailed analysis further below, but let's start at the tail with the actions that will come out of it. Discord Pings Our community is pretty much exactly halfway split with one half wanting to get pinged for all updates, and one half wanting to get pinged for the most important updates and one smartass saying we should just people the option to choose whether they want to get pinged. Annoyingly, the smartass is right on this one, so we'll be changing it a bit. From now on, @everyone only gets used if there's important stuff happening. This means in particular: New features on YouTube that relate to gaming or live streams, anything that impacts large amounts of channels (like sub purges), anything involving the server as a whole (such as future surveys). So if you're interested in those kinds of things, enable @everyone for us. @YouTuber and @Artist get pinged for anything that's particularly relevant for them. For YouTubers, this will be tips and tricks, and as such will likely be mostly happening on #creator-tips. Further, smaller updates that wouldn't got everyone'd in the past would go here as well. If you made a tutorial, or just want to tell others what you learned, feel free to post on this forum's Tips&Tricks section. For Artists, this will also be tips and tricks. For now, I'll be posting them in #creator-tips as well. That said, I'm no artist, so if you're an artist of some description and want to teach others, feel free to post on this forum's Tips&Tricks section. you no longer need to assign a role to yourself in order to post on #youtubers and #youtube-help. The roles solely are for the pings now. (unlike Community Dev, Game Publisher and YTG Team. Those still give you some permissions. If you are one, ping an @Admin.) Channels As expected, nobody reads #readme. Further, nobody reads #channel-checkup, #collab-finder and #artists-alley. Because of this, these channels will get archived. (not #readme though, we need that one ) For #collab-finder and #artists-alley, we're currently working on a tool that allows you to actually find people you are looking for. Basically a dating site for collabs, so to speak. Until we're ready, you can post on #gaming if you're looking to game with someone now, or you can post on r/creatorservices if you're an artist. As for #channel-checkup, all discussion belonging to it will move to #youtubers. In other words, if you want others to look at your channel for feedback, go there. That said: It still is not okay to promote your channel on it. You can ask for feedback on specific videos or the channel as a whole, but don't do it on every single video. The point of feedback is not to let others make creative decisions on your videos with you being in auto pilot, you'll have to actually listen. I want to add more useful content on #creator-tips. If you have any special knowledge about anything regarding creativity, please share it on this forum's Tips&Tricks section. I'm asking you to do it here because on Discord it's kinda difficult to link back to single posts for future reference, and on reddit they'd drown out between the various question and help posts. Also, if you make YouTube tutorials, you can post your videos there, but please summarize the video in text so that the text still is useful without the video. As mentioned above, #youtubers and #youtube-help are now available for everyone. Further, #game-promotion also has been opened, if you want to recommend a game, you can do it there. #youtube-help has been renamed to #youtube-techsupport to further emphasize that the channel is meant for technical support and other things that require an employee to look at your issue, rather than for "help me grow my channel" kind of things. Reddit For reddit, the majority of respondents would like to see more news updates and resources. I'll try posting more of that. Other than that, reddit will retain its current support forum spirit. We don't think a large-scale restructure is necessary here. That said, if you have any ideas on how to improve it, the form is still open. The Big Picture and what 2019 else has in store The overwhelming majority of our community is either here to be able to report and solve technical issues, or to interact with fellow creators. We will keep the server this way and expand on our strengths. In 2019, the Creatorshub team will do anything in its power to help r/youtubegaming and discord.gg/youtubegaming. In particular, we are working on: An easy-to-use library for free music to use in videos. (this is going live very soon on music.creatorshub.net) A tool to connect creators with artists and other creators A database of other tools, gear, programs, etc. that helps you find the things you need to further improve your videos A statistics tool, so you can more easily compare your stats to others. If you have any knowledge on anything creative, please (and I'm feeling like I'm saying that a lot today) post them on this forum's Tips&Tricks section. If you know how to program and would like to help out with our tools (or want to build an entirely new one), please contact @Paco. The Stats discussion For the first question, what's the most burning feedback, most responses were directed at the YTG team. I'm not them, but I forwarded all of them. As for the others, here are some I have something to say about: This is what my personal feeling of the discord is well, and a thing we're taking action on. Incidentally, this also is why I asked further below which channels people use, so I could find out which ones to kill. So yeah. "Data-driven decisionmaking", basically. However, We decided to keep #game-promotion around, because I suspect the reason it isn't read as much is that very few people can post there. #tweets also stays. While it may not be as useful, it also kinda is a mini-announcement channel, plus for the few people that want it, it shares kinda interesting videos from time to time. As for the roles, because we restructured what they do, we won't be changing anything here quite yet. The overwhelming majority isn't interested in watching self-promotion, so allowing it would be pointless. However, half would be willing to watch creator tips, which is why we're loosening the rules on that kind of content. Feel free to meme around in #general. If enough memery is done there, it may become its own channel. As per above, one of the reasons for this survey is that we wanted to eliminate some rarely-used channels, so we won't just introduce channels in the hopes they get used if there's no demand for them. And looking at the stats, the vast majority of the community is more into the "boring" bug reporting and creator interaction side of things. This is the part where I'm a bit stumped, honestly. Let's look at the stats, again: Roughly half of the respondents look at the server regularly, with the other half only looking at it when there's something going on (a question or announcement). We did try having channel review livestreams previously, but for the most part, only the people that were going to be featured where willing to watch. We then tried to transfer it over to #channel-checkup, but that sort of died out as well. As far as I can tell, this is because YouTube Gaming isn't a community. You see, with twitch, there is a community sense because ever since its launch it's had a mostly continuous culture: Kappa means a specific thing, if you don't know what that is, you aren't a real twitch user (twitcher?). Of course, over time things came (LUL) and went (Dongers), but you were either in this huge cultural network that assigns meaning to things, or you were not. And as a streamer, you (and even companies!) get assimilated into the network by chat. YouTube never had this kind of large-scale community network, even a decade ago there were only smaller networks of culture spanning a dozen channels or so and their fanbases. Outside of this network, nobody would understand whatever cultural references people came up with. This means that basically anyone joining our server has nothing culturally in common with anyone else, other than "I also create gaming videos or live streams." There is very little ground for any sort of conversation. And why should you spend your precious time on sharing knowledge with people you don't know if a) you could make another video instead and b) could teach people from your community instead? I personally would love bringing creators together, creating a place where creativity can thrive, where constructive criticism can be given and received well, and where collaborations can be planned. Which is mainly the reason why we made creatorshub. But so far, it looks like we'll be providing resources for creator that creators will take, thank us for, and then go back to the networks from where they came. I don't know how to fix this. Maybe it's the meme channel after all?If you have any idea, please ping me @Leo Wattenberg, either here, on Discord, reddit, twitter, whereever.
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