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    • Any feedback really. But based on the above I'm going to go back and re do the thumbs to get them to 'pop' more using your suggestions. I understand content is personal style for everyone, but it's more wanting to know what improvements on production value can be made e.g audio quality, transitions, recommended formats etc.
    • Hello, Some thumbnail related feedback, not sure if you just wanted feedback specifically about the content inside the video. It may be a matter of personal style, but maybe for your thumbnails you could try adding an outline or glow to the main object in the picture. This can maybe make it even better stand out from just being an in-game screenshot or autogenerated frame. You could also perhaps try changing the contrast or saturation to make the image more vibrant. Good luck.
    • Hello, Sorry, this is not the official YouTube forum, so there are no YouTube staff here to help you.
    • Hi all, I have recently got back into youtubing and would like some critique on the production value (including voice quality) Any constructive criticism is awesome. https://www.youtube.com/user/mishapgaming Thanks.
    • " Please Monetize my YouTube channel. "   And exactly how to you propose anyone here can do that?
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