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Monetization Issues

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    • I recommend going back to the original (updated) post and read it again, and look at your channel in the light of everything mentioned. In addition, in that post Leo indicates the purpose of the post is to educate, he is unable to help individual channels gain monetisation.

      I can potentially see your channel getting flagged for "Video Spam" in light of the definition in the original post. This is not "Team YouTube" it's Creatorhub.net 😉   I'd re-read the section under duplication. There is mention of a music promotion channel, which "may" apply. As long as you still have the numbers when you re-apply, you'll be fine. You won't need to start from scratch. I believe, on my understanding of the policies presented, that your channel overall needs to be compliant with the YPP and other policies. So if "most" of your videos are not monetisable due to this broad duplication rule, then that would likely end up being a rejection again. The primary purpose of the Partner Program is monetisation, if your content if not monetisable, then logic dictates you'll be rejected. Click on the Monetisation tab. What does it say?
    • I am currently moving all videos with Creative Commons music to an alternate channel I have permission from 2 Sports orgs to create videos using their content im so confused if my issue is caused by the audio or the video first I got duplication now I have re uploading which seems interesting as im not re uploading the same videos just compilations of videos. channel here if anyone has pointers https://www.youtube.com/c/KiwiFighter
    • A YouTube Creator Help Forum which was shutdown by YouTube and is read-only at the moment, maybe someone can find some useful information among the posts: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!forum/youtube-creators A YouTube Monetization Forum, like the one above, but about monetization: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!forum/monetization-on-youtube The "Official YouTube Help Forum": https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!forum/youtube Just found those right now, not sure if they are of any value.
    • I do not know much about monetization rejection and duplication, but I would recommend that you also delete any drafts of the duplicate video you may have. I think there's another topic about monetization rejections: I think it has some different reasons the application may have been rejected, so it could be useful to read. One thing it mentioned was how having even drafts of duplicate content could make you ineligible. Good luck, and hopefully someone else with more knowledge can also answer this question.
    • The obvious place to start looking are official tips from the websites themselves, so: The YouTube Creator Academy (focus on being successful on YouTube) The Twitch Creator Camp (focus on live streaming) The Vimeo Video School (focus on artsy techniques) These places tend to explain platform-specific quirks quite well, but don't necessarily list information on all topics, for example cross-platform strategies (they'd rather have you stay on their platform). That said, you can get a lot of useful information out of them.  (I'm writing as Leo's sock puppet because I want your tips as well, so I thought it wouldn't be really helpful to have a large body in the opening post that may drown out anything coming afterwards)
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