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    • please help me   i uploaded content from other youtube channel after get permission from the owner and put my channel in content id white list but after review i get not approve with this msg   what can i do ?
    • It would be interesting to see someone trying out the method of recording with a blanket over their head!
    • Moin.  If you have a channel trailer, chances are, you've made one at some point and haven't updated it since. This is problematic, because you are (or at least: should be) constantly developing your channel, trying new formats and killing off ones that have become too repetitive or unsuccessful, all the while improving your audiovisual and narrative technique. Because of that, a channel trailer stops being truly representative of what content a viewer can expect after a while, so you should do a new one every now and again (maybe every year or two, or if you make drastic changes in content).    see also:  General info on making channel trailers: https://creatoracademy.youtube.com/page/lesson/trailers   
    • Thanks.  I'm still confused as to what duplication they're referring to.  I have two public playlists on my channel, one for videos of my own personal train layouts set up in my home, and another for a few public performances of a dance group that I'm part of.  All of the 34 videos on my channel (both unlisted and public) were created/recorded by me. Most of my train videos have background music in them.  But I know that I cannot monetize those and have never tried to. And of course the dance performance videos have music in them, as well as other people, but again I know that I cannot monetize those either. I wish they would clarify what they mean by duplication, because if there are other videos out there on youtube that are actual duplicates of my videos, then somebody else is passing off my videos as theirs. Previously I was able to pick and choose which videos on my channel that I wished to monetize - obviously only those few that I knew were eligible (at that time). So my other question is have they changed the rules so that every video on one's channel has to meet the monetization standard even if I only wish to monetize one out of my 34 videos?
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