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    • Hy. I receive on my channel the message "No Longer eligible for monetization due to duplication" and i have one month to correct the problems, but i still don't know what videos are causing this problem . I will try to correct the problems ,but my question is : What happens if i don't  resolve all problems and i  reapply for monetization , i will lose the possibility of monetization for life , or i will have other chances to correct the problems of my channel until all is ok ? How many tries i have ? If someone who u don't know reupload your content on other channel , u risk also your channel "No Longer eligible for monetization due to duplication" without being your guilt , and without knowing that  someone "steal" your content ?
    • Selling and buying account is clearly prohibited. Youtube does not care about any purchase proofs as they are illegal, so owner may return "sold" account if really decide so. Violation of selling account was confirmed numerous times by badged support forum members and youtube employees. In some cases resold channels were suspend for that when it was discovered, like in complains to support about losing access to channel they bought. ISPs do not care about Youtube's terms as none of them agreed and signed them All Terms of service are same for all languages and countries. Country laws are irrelevant as Youtube has no obligation to provide you free service and may suspend you for any violation or even without any.  
    • That makes more sense now.. That may be the reason they divided channels into brand and personal ones..
    • HI @Leo Wattenberg, Below is my channel, which got rejected for monetization. I have made the changes, and re-applied for monetization. Could you please verify and let me know if there is anything pending from my side. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv1v8eB40uXg7GvG5UQvlxg     HI Mine also got rejected from monetization, I think I have made the required changes. can some expert please check and verify, whether is it going to get monetized or not..?? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv1v8eB40uXg7GvG5UQvlxg   
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