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    • This is a valauble information. i agree with this information.
    • Hello guys,   My name is Vikash Agrawal. I am here on the behalf of MY PAGEANTRY and I would like you to join My Pageantry (A new Social media app where common talent meet each other) as a Legit content creator. Just fill up the form below and thats it.. you will become My pageantry's Content creator. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1avGnp6mildQqGP5QyQh1cGFtvtpp-lp8rRFruWhReek/edit?usp=drivesdk   FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/MyPageantry/ TWITTER https://twitter.com/mypageantry?lang=en PINTREST https://in.pinterest.com/mypageantry/
    • Hi I just created a fitness channel. At the moment I have 3 videos showing different exercises for different body parts (no voiceover just background  music) Can I create 5 or 10 different channels (each channel a different language :english, spanish, italian, french etc)  uploading same video? I know youtube allows to upload same video with different languages if they have voiceover... but for those videos without voiceover? I would only change the end of the videos (the slides where I ask viewers to click on the description to visit my website, in the different languages) and the  youtube end screens)  Obviously I would use different titles and descriptions for each language to optimize around those keywords.. Anyone here has any experience doing this?
    • i have been playing game for more than 12 years and i finally decide to put on youtube so guys help my channel grow .peace out.#dotalovers
    • Hello all, I have uploaded 2 videos 7 years ago and those 2 videos have millions views now and because of this my channel was monetized 1 year ago but after that they disabled monetization because of copyright content. My question is that i dont want to delete those 2 videos because i may be lose my watch hours, so what if i blur the whole video and disable the audio of those two videos and re-apply for monetization. Is it possible they will monetize my channel ?  
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