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Welcome to CreatorsHub. Reading rules may be boring, but doing so will save you lots of trouble with the mods later on. This community is a diverse group of creators who share a strong common interest that will naturally build a safe and productive community.


  • Try making high quality posts.
    Questions that have been asked a thousand times don’t help anyone. So, use the search to find duplicates of your question. If existing threads don’t answer your question, add additional context to what makes your question special.
  • Respect other users.
    This is a community of creators helping each other and connecting with each other regarding content creation, and we'd like to keep things friendly. Please treat it this way!
  • Violent, bullying, sexist and similar behavior isn't allowed.
    Don't threaten, harass, or bully other users. Treat others like you’d like to get treated yourself. If someone threatens or bullies you, please report it to us through the notify moderator of inappropriate content icon.
  • Be mindful when posting personal information.
    Never share your address, password or any other personal information in the community. You may want to use the private message feature over publishing your email address for safety. Keep in mind that posted content is public and can (and generally will) be indexed by search engines.
  • Make posts that are constructive and related to creative content creation.
    This is a place for creators. If your post isn’t related to any part of being a creator, it can get deleted.
  • No self-promotion.
    This creator-to-creator community is not intended as a place for members to promote their products or services, even if creator-related. Your profile is dedicated to include any information you wish to share with others, so feel free to use it, however, posts that are primarily self-promotional may be removed.
  • Misc.
    • Post in the most appropriate category. If there are multiple categories in which your post would fit into, throw some dice.
    • Post a question just once. Please don't post the same question in several categories.
    • Avoid swearing. Sometimes, you may be frustrated with other people or platforms, but try to stay as sober-minded as possible.
    • Any posts must be legal under German law. This especially means that Nazi imagery is problematic.
    • Try keeping it family-safe. Even if you make adult content, try keep your posts SFW, if at all possible.  
  • Spam
    Let's all make ourselves responsible for keeping the community spam-free.
    If you notice spam, please report it to us through the notify moderator of inappropriate content icon.
    Spam includes, but is not limited to:
    • Any sort of promotional or commercial content. Don’t advertise your business here.
    • Multiple instances of the same post
    • Posts which are overly self promotional in their text and/or signature
    • Transmission of malware, viruses, or anything that may disrupt service or harm others
    • Any other post that violates the Term of Service.

Enjoy and learn!

We've built this Community for you to explore and learn from. Treat it that way and become an even better creator.

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