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  2. cbpayne

    Monetization not enable

    Not sure why you want to inform people here about this for? This is not YouTube and no one here can review you!
  3. Top Famous TV

    Monetization not enable

    I've over reached the threshold and it's been over eight months since my channel began being reviewed. How long should I have to wait while my channel has already met the threshold from Youtube (1000 subs and 4000 hours/ 12 months) ? Please help me to review my channel as soon as possible. Thank you so much ! My channel ( watched : 439.102 hours - 23.595 subscribers) Please help me ! Link may channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/TopFamousTV
  4. Last week
  5. cbpayne

    Monetization Not Enabled in last 12 Months

    You do realize that is is not YouTube, so not sure who you think you are addressing this to.
  6. Jai Maharashtra


    इntertainment entertainment ओk thanks
  7. @TeamYouTube Hello YT My Channel is Still Under Review in last 4 Months.But #Youtube do not Review .i Tired Waiting.PlZZZ I M Very Sad Solve My Problem.If You Do not Reviewed My Channel Than Inform Me I Think I Wasted My Presoius Time My Channel; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwHW4vY4V_EpC2JyGgD3JmQ …
  8. Janyk Steenbeek

    Channel is Under Review More Than One Month

    Give it some time. This can take a while.
  9. Hello, My Channel is under review more than one month and still monetization not enabled. I am uploading 100% my original content based on kids animation stories videos. I used Sword and Blood graphics in my some kids animation videos and i am afraid and doubt regarding community guideline violations. is that true? please help me regarding my contents this is OK for monetization or i have some violations? find attached screen shot and here is below channel url. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSSNqt99WAo6oEfi3Tv-K_A
  10. i have well enough view hours but channel still under review.,i have copyright songs on all my videos and get emails telling me so, but youtube say that there not affecting my account standing, should i remove all music from my videos to maybe help myself.? would love a reply on this as fairly confused to all this...thankyou kindly. youtube.com/c/DIRTYGECKO i am as confused about this process as much as you seem to be....
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  12. my channel not Enable people help me my channel not Enable peels help me reply yes or on
  13. Richard Parker

    Review channel

    Muchas veces cuando dura mas de 2 meses es por que paso a una segunda revisión.
  14. Richard Parker

    Metadatos Engañosos

    Hola a todos, soy nuevo en YouTube abrí mi canal el 19 de enero del 2019 y el 4 de abril cumplí con los requisitos para solicitar la monetización de mi canal ( 4.000 Horas de visualización y 1.000 subscriptores) el 6 de abril envié la solicitud y el 9 me respondieron que mi canal no era apto para monetizarlo en este momento. el motivo fue: Alguien me podría guiar, para que la próxima vez que envié la solicitud no sea rechazada.
  15. I got rid of monetization for '' Repetitive content '' That my content is repetitive? In what exactly? My content I try to do it as varied as possible, I do not automatically generated content, much less copy and paste, all the scripts I do from scratch, even in a channel where my record is less than my main channel, and does not generate many visits, reject monetization for the same. What is not educational in that exactly? In not making content similar to Youtube Kids? In some videos I teach things in tutorials, some endings about animation, and help gamers solve some things in video games. My content if you add unique and relevant value, apart from the popularity that I have achieved in some videos, users tried to copy my style, and it does not come out. Is it to use synthetic voice? Understand that not everyone can use their real voice, and even then, I have a channel where I use my voice, and they reject monetization anyway.
  16. genderchatshowtv genderchatshowtv

    Why your monetization application got rejected and what to do about it

    My Tv show (GenderChatShow)is mine, registered by me, produced by me content and all created by me, but my monetization was held for further review, what could be wrong here? it's been too long a waiting here.
  17. AKA Xtreme

    Why my YT channel held for further review.

    One more thing, When and How can I get the community tab for my Channel, I have crossed 2.5K Sub's.
  18. cbpayne

    Why my YT channel held for further review.

    No idea. I not the one that makes the decisions. Depends if the reviewer considers what you are doing is unique enough and adds value to the ecosystem.
  19. AKA Xtreme

    Why my YT channel held for further review.

    So if I start Live Streaming or over voice (commentary) in my new videos, will I be able to monetize my Channel, without deleting any of my previous content.
  20. cbpayne

    Why my YT channel held for further review.

    They told you why: " we concluded that we don't have enough information to make a decision on your application at this time " I think you will find that you will be rejected. All the content I can see is just a screen recording of gameplay with no added value. They are no longer monetizing such content. In case you want to argue, you should read the guidelines first: "Video game content may be monetized if the associated step-by-step commentary is strictly tied to the live action being shown and provides instructional or educational value." "Videos simply showing a user playing a video game or the use of software for extended periods of time may not be accepted for monetization." https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/138161?hl=en
  21. AKA Xtreme

    Why my YT channel held for further review.

    I want to ask why did they held my application for further review, can't just they accept it in 1st review. I am following all the YPP and Ad Sense Policies and I never got any strike on my channel, bcz I only upload content recorded on my Mobile Device and NCS Music. Why did they write this to me: "When our team reviewed your application, we concluded that we don't have enough information to make a decision on your application at this time. Because of this, your channel AKA Xtreme is being held for further review to make sure that it meets our policies, and we will re-review your application in the near future. We have a responsibility to support a healthy environment for advertisers, creators and users, so we want to give careful thought before making a decision on each application."?
  22. cbpayne

    Why my YT channel held for further review.

    What makes you think you are doing something wrong? Your screenshot says you are under review for monetization.
  23. Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong. I have totally original content on my channel and I am only using NCS Music in all my Gameplay videos and New Season Updates. All the content is recorded on my Mobile Device. I also claimed 2 copyright on my "Reaching 100 RP" video, 2 unknown people downloaded my Video and re-uploaded on their channel which I claimed, both the videos are removed from their channel's. My channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0NdVRIIvHnn4mgtWVnHjGQ
  24. cbpayne

    Review channel

    There is no solution. You just have to wait for the decision. It happens when they get to it.
  25. Solay / سولاي

    Review channel

    Hi , I have applied for income but my channel has been under review for more than two months now. What is the solution in your opinion to review my channel? thank you
  26. Hy. I receive on my channel the message "No Longer eligible for monetization due to duplication" and i have one month to correct the problems, but i still don't know what videos are causing this problem . I will try to correct the problems ,but my question is : What happens if i don't resolve all problems and i reapply for monetization , i will lose the possibility of monetization for life , or i will have other chances to correct the problems of my channel until all is ok ? How many tries i have ? If someone who u don't know reupload your content on other channel , u risk also your channel "No Longer eligible for monetization due to duplication" without being your guilt , and without knowing that someone "steal" your content ?
  27. You tech tamizhan

    Why your monetization application got rejected and what to do about it

    my monetization is not Enabled please help me
  28. Rambalac

    Buying Demonetised Music Channel

    Selling and buying account is clearly prohibited. Youtube does not care about any purchase proofs as they are illegal, so owner may return "sold" account if really decide so. Violation of selling account was confirmed numerous times by badged support forum members and youtube employees. In some cases resold channels were suspend for that when it was discovered, like in complains to support about losing access to channel they bought. ISPs do not care about Youtube's terms as none of them agreed and signed them All Terms of service are same for all languages and countries. Country laws are irrelevant as Youtube has no obligation to provide you free service and may suspend you for any violation or even without any.
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