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    Hi everyone, my name's Jan and I'm the creator of WishPage.tv I'm trying to introduce a new dynamic on how content gets created and monetized and how content creators get discovered. For viewers / for your audience: Imagine you want to see a dog jumping over a tiny horse but you cant find it on YouTube. Or you wish your favorite channel would make a documentary about Jupiter's moons or you just want someone to read the news to you. On my platform you can publish a content-wish and people can vote for it. The important part is that wishes can get crowd funded. People set out monetary rewards for the fulfillment. Like you really want to see the dog jumping over the tiny horse and offer $5 for it, and if they say your name in the video you offer $10. For creators / for you: You probably have your own content already, but on the wish-page you can find new inspiration. You can pick up open content-wishes and fulfill them. You could call it wish-mining. By delivering content for popular wishes you can get new viewers for your channel. They didn't seek out your channel, you picked up their wishes and that's how they discover you. You can share your personal Wish-page with your existing audience (like you share your Twitter or Instagram page). Finally it's a new way to monetize your channel. Wishes can have open rewards, like someone want so see a dancing dog and offers $5 for it or even $10 if you mention his YouTube channel. For me: I would love to get your feedback, I can make changes to the platform (Its a wish-page after all ). The best thing would be to get a lot of active users Bye, Jan
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    Yes good idea, that is surely on the TODO list I also want to announce that I included a "self-promo" section where people can just post their videos (without a wish). If you created something and just want to show it to the world it can get posted there.
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    No problem. Also, perhaps you could show the date each wish and reply was posted. Then one could maybe also sort wishes by date posted/replied to, etc. That way one could tell how old/new a wish or reply is? It's up to you.add
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    I meant for there being multiple people offering rewards, so each rewarder selects their own specific reply, if I understand correctly? I could see myself using the website to try and fulfill some requests possibly in the future. A larger userbase and more requests would probably work, but that may just come with growth over time. That would let me have a better chance of finding requests I can easily fulfill that sort of fit into things I normally do with YouTube or others. Maybe having the chat on a sidebar and minamizable on the right side of the screen instead of open automatically. Good luck.
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    For wishes which have multiple people offering rewards, like the dancing dog request, does rewarder get to select who to payout to? Or is it based off the initial requester?
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    The payout can be sent by the user by clicking the button "payout your reward" like in the image below. At the moment everything works with PayPal so the users don't have to trust my site for the payments. Even if the receiving user does not have a PayPal account the user will receive an email directly from PayPal. I will surely add more payment methods, I think its especially well suited for crypto-payments via the lightning network and other payment apps. Users build up a payment reputation in the long run so you can see if they payout their rewards.
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    This is an interesting and cool idea. It could also be a way for game developers to post requests for people to play their game and make videos about it. How do the payouts work? As soon as the requester selects the response for the payout, does the responder get payed? Are there multiple payment options/platforms/methods?
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    Moin. I often see people saying "I'm promoting my videos on Twitter/Facebook/..., but still don't get any views". And then I look at their twitter accounts and see a link dump, nay, link landfill. This isn't using social media, this is borderline spam. And nobody likes to subscribe to spam. Effective marketing is hard, which is why companies have huge marketing departments that sometimes are even larger than the actual production department. But even a small creator can do better than dumping links on social media. Instead, use your social media accounts in a way that gives them a reason to exist on their own. Use twitter to share quick thoughts, Instagram for behind-the-scenes content, reddit to connect with other people that share your interest. Or do it differently, either way, your social media account on its own should be interesting enough for people to follow you even if they don't know about your other content. In other words, you and your brand need to be in the center of attention. Not the content of another platform. (slighly older illustration, I know) This doesn't mean however that you should throw cross-posting and IFTTT out the window. Also sharing links to your content somewhere else is fine, it just shouldn't be the primary content of the account. Operating multiple social media accounts this way takes time, obviously. Which is why you don't need to be everywhere, on every platform, just the ones that make sense for you.
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