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  1. My channel is doing pretty well lately, with good watch time and ratings.. I've gained over 1000 subscribers in the last 4 days.. I should be very happy but I'm not. A number of people in the comments section complain about my voice narration. They say I'm monotone, boring, annoying, or sound like I don't care. I don't do this on purpose and it's making me pretty self-conscious about making videos now. I'm almost positive it comes from trying to read a script and making sure I pronounce and say words correctly.. since I do short historical documentaries. I hate even looking at the comments now because someone else will be saying something about it. I have a new video I have been putting off releasing because I keep changing the audio to make it sound less monotone or boring. I'm afraid I will be less likely to produce a lot of videos because I will be worried about how I sound. How do I change or solve this issue?
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