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  1. Ah man, didn't know that either! That'll be because when I stream I choose what game I'm playing to make it easier for viewers to find. I guess the alternative is not selecting a game title, but again, that'll make it harder for people to find. That's a bummer!
  2. Yeah, makes sense. I'd like to think of it as more of a partnership type deal! I genuinely plan on watching some of your videos and at least check out any new ones when I get notified of them. Almost as a thank you for the time you've put in. I've only been on CreatorsHub for a very short time but it feels like such a community here, feel like we've all gotta help each other out!
  3. Wow thanks so much for the long review, I really appreciate you taking the time to put in so much effort. 1. You're right about the live streaming aspect of it. Creativity isn't my greatest strength, so the reason for streaming is 2-fold. I was hoping to get a few comments while playing which would help generate conversations and keep the commentary flowing. At the same time, I am very time poor, so the convenience of being able to stream and have the video automatically published to my channel afterwards is very attractive. 2. You've hit the nail on the head. Having my video 'discoverable' while streaming seems to be a major issue. I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to correct this, although for my first 3 streams (which is all I've done so far), I wasn't even aware you could add tags to a live stream (amatuer!). Hopefully now that I've discovered this at least SOMEONE might be able to find me? Haha 3. I tend to agree with you on the length of the videos. My thoughts are that for a stream, length is key...as long as you have viewers tuned in and you want them to keep watching. Not so true for the video once it gets published after the stream though. I think they're better off being much shorter. Perhaps I'll start really monitoring how many viewers I have watching my stream. If I don't have any, I'll cut it short at around 30 minutes, but if I manage to have a few watching, maybe I'll keep streaming a little longer. We'll see how we go! 4. Gaining those first few views and subscribers seems to be the hardest part, from what I can see of other's experiences. Even the non-active subscribers I feel would help somewhat, as you mentioned, even if only to show that you do have some subscribers to any new visitors to your channel, as they'd be less likely to subscribe to someone who has 1 subscriber as I do. Even if I have 10, all inactive, that might give me a little more 'credibility' when a new non-subsciber finds themselves on my channel, I'm not sure. 5. Thanks for the pick up on the typo in my latest video. I've gone and fixed that up. I see what you're saying with the 'hook' in the title. I might need to look into this. I'd like the structure of all the titles to be in the same format, but I think you're right, I might need swap in the hook to the start before the title of my series. Again, thanks so much for taking the time to contribute. If you want to DM me the link to your channel I'll go and check it out. If you'd like me to subscribe, even if just for the reasons I mentioned in point 4, more than happy to do so. Thanks a million.
  4. Thanks @Paco! Really appreciate you taking to time to give me some advice. I think I'll need to start with choosing a select few friends who I feel might be most supportive and going from there. Need to get my creative cap on and try and add my own twist to my content. I knew this would be important, and I'm not actually very skilled when it comes to video games, certainly below average anyway so I think I need to try and use this to my advantage, and target other gamers that perhaps aren't so good. Thanks for the input!
  5. Hi Guys, My name's Ben, I'm new to Creatorshub and have very recently started up my own Youtube gaming channel. I've done a huge amount of research both before getting started and since getting my channel under way. The aim of my channel is really just for entertainment purposes, I spent a lot of my late childhood watching Youtubers play some of my favourite video games so I thought I'd give it a go and hopefully give some kids some awesome memories watching someone play their favourite games, as I did. Now I completely understand that I'm operating in a saturated market with a countless number of creators doing a similar thing to me, but I'm starting to get a little disheartened as I can't seem to get a single view on any of my videos. Currently I've only put out 3 videos, but my most popular has 24 views, and I'm 99% sure every single one of those views is from me while editing, adding cards etc. (I've since tweaked how I do things to make sure this is all as I want it before the video gets published). I think my tags are right for my genre, video descriptions are alright and I'm pretty impressed with my thumbnails (100% self taught in photoshop as part of the research I did prior to launching my channel). I'm not expecting a lot of views, especially so early on, but 0? I know I need to get my content out there, and I'm a bit too proud to promote on Facebook or to my friends because of the fact I'm not getting any views, I'm a bit worried about people I know making fun of me so early on. My question is, what other strategies have you guys used that have been succuessful? My only subscriber currently is my Fiance and I've had her like my videos and even comment on one to try and get any activity on my videos at all. But of course I need more than that to make my video discoverable by anyone. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'd also love any feedback, positive but more importantly constuctive on my video content. It is video game streaming so a very niche viewer base. I feel more and more confident with every video I publish and I understand the quality is certainly nowhere near where it needs to be to be able to build any sort of following, but I know that will only improve as I become more practiced. Again, any feedback is very much appreciated, thanks so much for taking the time to read about my situation! Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPKoUcRQEWrWkRzFmKgyH_A PS. I do have a plan to set up a channel trailer once I've got a few more videos and some more entertaining content I can pull from them for my trailer.
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