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    Jörg Sprave's "YouTubers Union": A kneejerk idea.

    One of the goals I look forward to the YouTubers Union achieving is transparency. My channel is obviously on an internal list, I have the right to know why and what is said about my channel. I can see others being able to monetize the very same topics which I am not allowed to. In fact, my CHANNEl (not the specific videos) is being treated differently because every new upload is automatically demonetized regardless of the topic or keywords. (I have done tests) YouTube knows the specific details of why they reject monetization, why do they refuse to tell creators the details? I fully support the effort to create and help grow the YouTubers Union. Here is an enhanced version of Jörg Sprave's terrific video: Join the YouTubers Union. There’s Strength in Numbers! ▷▷▷

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