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  1. cbpayne

    Buying Demonetised Music Channel

    https://www.youtube.com/static?template=terms&gl=AU Section 4D: Whihc explicitly prohibits the buying and selling YouTube accounts.
  2. cbpayne

    Buying Demonetised Music Channel

    So what does section 4d of the terms and conditions mean then?
  3. cbpayne

    Buying Demonetised Music Channel

    Just read what it says in the terms and conditions, esp section 4d. No guessing. Just becasue a newspaper report talks about it happening, does not mean that it complies. It could have easily been a company that owned the channel and the company was sold.
  4. cbpayne

    Buying Demonetised Music Channel

    It is against YouTube's terms and conditions to buy and sell accounts.
  5. Yours is the sort of content that they are no longer monetizing. Does not matter if you created the music. It is still audio over still pictures/images and that sort of content is just not being monetized.
  6. You do realize that this forum is NOT YouTube?
  7. It would have been a manual review that rejected you.
  8. You will probably be rejected for 'duplication' as most of the content I could see is not yours.

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