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    Why your monetization application got rejected and what to do about it

    ::novella warning:: Thank you so much for writing this post. My channel received the dreaded "duplication" notice in mid-December and despite reading everything I could find, this is the first time I have ever read the crucial info: "In order to get your channel eligible for monetization again, you need to remove all duplicate content." I only hope that I saw this in time, and that I didn't unknowingly screw myself over as the outstanding monetization reviews and notifications have been wrapping up. I started What You Haven't Seen one year ago with a video that instantly went viral. After posting it and quickly joining YPP I admittedly didn't have a plan for the channel, so I bided my YouTube time by posting unambiguously public domain material. Some was new to YouTube and other titles certainly were not, but all were properly cleared and I never had reason to believe that non-infringing "duplication" could be an issue. Either way, that's in the past. The part that makes my heart sink is that in early-December 2017 I dedicated more of my time and energy to my channel. It matured and flourished into what it is today, where nearly 100% of my content is - true to the channel name - exclusive. Little did I know (until yesterday evening!) that having hundreds of public domain titles laying dormant in my video manager, as drafts from a time long in the past, could bite me. When I received the "duplication" message I was not told anything about removing content, just to keep at things and to reapply in 30 days, which I did. In the seven months since that email arrived my complete focus has been on original and unique content. That focus has dramatically paid off, though unfortunately only in the metaphorical sense. Seven months racked up 8 million views and 400,000 watch hours while gaining a net 10,000+ subscribers. I have posted well over 100 exclusive videos and my stories are routinely covered by traditional media outlets worldwide. But... the entire time I have still had hundreds of draft public domain videos sitting in my channel. I never thought to delete them; I have just been ignoring them and waiting patiently for my elusive channel re-review to finally happen / finish. I truly appreciate your post, as last night I plowed through that content and deleted nearly 800 videos (wow), almost every one having been in draft form. While there were no copyright issues with the deleted material, I readily admit that it's pretty nice to see only my own content, and also to know where everything is! My primary concern, though, is that it's early July and if Tom Leung's statements were accurate that means my channel was already reviewed. Seven months is a long time to wait, only to miss having this info by a few days. I haven't yet heard anything about my channel's monetization... I just hope that my channel gets reviewed - even looked at - in its current state. Now that I have finally been able to identify and clean up any problematic content. This article contains by far the most helpful information I have come across in months. Is there anything you recommend I do? It sucks not being able to plead my case to a person ::end novella:: tl;dr - Thanks for the info. It was very helpful, and very bittersweet.
  2. What You Haven't Seen

    How did you find your way here?

    Your recent Reddit post on monetization linked to a thread / post here, and I was pleasantly surprised to find the content a cut above the rest.

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