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  1. So basically with my condition i will not get approved?
  2. I am currently demonetized and due to reapply next week. Its duplication and i know what caused it, or maybe i think I do. I had 2 blocked videos worldwide which i ignored instead of deleting them, also had 3 strikes but from different times. two were last year when i started my channel not knowing the rules. The last one expired last week, I got hit by an indian based company on a video that was in my country South Africa, it was the cricket match between South Africa and Australia were some players were caught cheating. This was broatcasted by my local channel which had rights to the match and I did a commentary which they approved. I posted a video of this cheating and within 2 hours it had 100k views. Well the Idian company took down my video and i got scared to challenge them because i feared losing my channel. My question is that since i got demonetized because of this and maybe some videos were flagged by people, so i removed suspicious videos and now my channel is clean. Will my channel be rejected for monetization due to the fact that I had 3 strikes before and those blocked videos which i cleaned? Do i stand a chance? channel link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD2dfyYdnvXv0c8DWICWyEQ

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