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    Why your monetization application got rejected and what to do about it

    Thanks, @Leo Wattenberg. I understand what you're saying. So fundamentally, are Content ID claims the same as Duplication Violations? Basically, if I have any claims at all, even if they did not result in copyright strikes, am I in violation of Duplication? Would I only be eligible for the Partner Program with ZERO Content ID claims?
  2. joshleongstudios

    Why your monetization application got rejected and what to do about it

    @Leo Wattenberg This has been overwhelmingly helpful. I do not understand how YouTube can get away without posting detailed descriptions of their policies. So my account is deemed ineligible for the Partner Program because of Duplication. While I don't think any of my content has explicitly hit any of your bullet points for Duplication (PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong!), I suspect there are two things that could potentially be flagging me. 1.) Background music in my travel videos. EX: https://youtu.be/0Bn6ImrzkX0 This is why I'm skeptical - I don't believe these are amateur videos, using music in a reckless manner at all. If you watch, I'm using segments of songs - heavily integrated into the transformative edits of my trips. I am not merely re-uploading music. I'm also incredibly reluctant to delete these travel videos. I've spent a lot of time on them, and they hold a lot of precious memories. 2.) Lyric Videos. EX: https://youtu.be/PBk-XE7saMA These videos I have spent hours editing from scratch. They are fan-made videos. They are NOT pure re-uploads of the official lyric videos. However, I can probably understand if these were the kinds of videos flagged for Duplication, as they are less "transformative". I would be willing to delete these videos, as they don't hold as much sentimental value as my travel films. So with all that said, might I be able to delete my lyric videos but leave my travel videos in order to be eligible for monetization? Secondly, is Duplication marked immediately when there are Content ID/Copyright "claims" in my video manager? I have no copyright strikes. Is a Duplication violation the same as a Content ID claim? (i.e., if any of my videos have the "C" with a circle around it in my Video Manager, am I already in violation of Duplication?) All of the films in my video manager with a "C" next to them are being allowed to stay online by their claimants, with all revenues going directly to their respective owners. They are not being blocked. Fundamentally, I am only seeking to monetize my 100% original content. I'm fine with leaving claimed content demonetized. I've attached an image of some of my video manager. Here is my channel, in case you wanted to look/identify where I may be violating Duplication: www.youtube.com/c/joshleongstudios I would really appreciate some help! This channel is my livelihood. I've been working at this for 4 years to be able to monetize. Thanks!!

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