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  1. National Savings

    Why your monetization application got rejected and what to do about it

    I am grateful for early reply. Dear Leo Wattenberg, basically this channel relates to Prize Bond Draw Results (held in our country in every month 2 times). I get draw results and make video on my own. I make this channel in August-2017 and got enable monetization after getting 10K views, I earn 23$, then monetization disable due to new policy of youtube i.e 1k subscribers & 4000 watch hours. I achieve this target in April-18 and I was waiting for good news from youtube untill this morning. I never got any strike on my channel.
  2. National Savings

    Why your monetization application got rejected and what to do about it

    I received this email today, would you please give some remarks....... We have been working hard to review all applications to the YouTube Partner Program and know you’ve been waiting to hear back about your application status - we want to provide an update. When our team reviewed your application, we concluded that we don't have enough information to make a decision on your application at this time. Because of this, your channel National Savings is being held for further review to make sure it meets our policies and we will re-review your application in the near future. We have a responsibility to support a healthy environment for advertisers, creators, and users, so we want to give careful thought before making a decision on each application. In the meantime, we encourage you to post new content that is in line with our YouTube Partner Program policies and Community Guidelines and connect with your audience. This additional content will make it easier for us to make a decision about your YPP application. We know that acceptance to the YouTube Partner Program is important to you and apologize for the additional wait. We appreciate your patience as we continue to evaluate your channel. - The YouTube Team

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