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  1. Hi @Leo Wattenberg I recently applied my channel for monetization a couple of months ago and YouTube finally reviewed my channel for monetization but they did "not approve" my channel for monetization because of "duplication". Then I went to search on YouTube to see if my video had been re-uploaded and my video was re-uploaded multiple times on different channels without my permission. I then went to the YouTube Help Forum to ask a YouTube employee how to fix this issue with duplication and about people re-uploading my videos without my permisson and preventing my channel from getting approved for monetization because of people re-uploading my videos ( I attached a image of the YouTube employees response below). How can I and other creators like me who are uploading original videos that we filmed, created, and own get approved for monetization without being hit with "duplication" again after we re-apply for monetization. I don't won't to receive a email back from YouTube after I re-apply for monetization again in 30 dats saying, I'm not approved for monetization again. How can you guys fix this issue, so that I can get my channel approved for monetization. I can't contact YouTube directly about this problem because I don't have access to Creator Support because I'm not apart of the YouTube Partner Program. Original content creators who filmed, created, 100% own the videos they upload should not be hit "duplication" when we have all the proof to show YouTube that it's ours. Please fix this "duplication" issue for original creators of YouTube. Thank You.

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