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  1. Tutorials without commentary are hardly tutorials. Youtube want to see channels bring value to their viewers, not some poor attempt to create content for the purpose of making money with no effort. Video Game live streams are more likely to get monetised, but it's a competitive niche so you have to work hard to draw the fans, keep them watching and provide some serious entertainment value.
  2. I recommend going back to the original (updated) post and read it again, and look at your channel in the light of everything mentioned. In addition, in that post Leo indicates the purpose of the post is to educate, he is unable to help individual channels gain monetisation. I can potentially see your channel getting flagged for "Video Spam" in light of the definition in the original post. This is not "Team YouTube" it's Creatorhub.net I'd re-read the section under duplication. There is mention of a music promotion channel, which "may" apply. As long as you still have the numbers when you re-apply, you'll be fine. You won't need to start from scratch. I believe, on my understanding of the policies presented, that your channel overall needs to be compliant with the YPP and other policies. So if "most" of your videos are not monetisable due to this broad duplication rule, then that would likely end up being a rejection again. The primary purpose of the Partner Program is monetisation, if your content if not monetisable, then logic dictates you'll be rejected. Click on the Monetisation tab. What does it say?
  3. Most likely not. Don't stop creating or posting. YouTube specifically state if you're flagged for additional review, to keep uploading as they need MORE information to base their final decision on. @Leo Wattenberg Leo, the YouTube Helps page talks about Misleading Metadata rather than Misleading Thumbnails. Are you planning on updating the post to cover metadata as a whole? Thank you so much for such and excellent resource by the way!

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