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  1. I must say you should consider yourself lucky you got some sort of answer from YouTube, even if it was a bot. I've been asking a similar question in various forums and nobody seems to know the answer, because when it comes to marginal issues YouTube doesn't have a policy on it and just takes decisions on the run. In fact, I believe that most probably you'll get a strike, not because you are wrong but because the algorithm will consider it wrong, and then, getting it reviewed by a human, so youtube can make its "on-the-run-decision", might take months specially if they tell you they won't be reviewing anything till it gets 1000 views. I wanted to take advantage of my knowledge of another language so I could show my creations to another audience, but the risk of getting strikes for duplications due to YouTubes inability to review atypical or innovative options (those out of the box) simply put me completely off. I don't think it's worth it. Sorry, but those are my minus 2 cents.
  2. @Leo Wattemberg I would appreciate your views on the following: I have a monetized channel in Spanish, passed June review. I have tried to reach an English speaking audience using subtitles since about 6 months or more, but my statistics show I have not been successful, in fact I suspect those viewers from English speaking countries are Spanish speaking nationals living elsewhere. With that in mind I'm very interested in dubbing the script (putting a voice over the muted video) to create an English spoken video to target an English audience. To do this properly these dubbed videos should go in a new channel based on the English language. This new channel would be intended to get monetization when appropriate My doubt is, and I'd love to read your views and past experience on this: would these videos be considered duplicate uploads (video is the same, but with different audio)? Would this channel be eligible for monetization? And if it was determined ineligible due to duplication, would that demonetize my current (Spanish version) channel? I must say, that if there is no other way around, I can always shoot a new video speaking in English. Some videos can be redone. The problem is with other videos, where there is no way they can be reshot, and the only option is dubbing. Thanks.

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