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  1. Hello Leo Wattenberg, Nice to read your post and it is quite informative post. But there are some questions in my mind that are related from this post. I appreciate if get reply from you and from others who has any doubt or question about my concern AND If agree with me so, please share this. According to this post in DUPLICATE section :- 1. PUBLIC DOMAIN FOOTAGE & 3. Videos other people made (reupload) If we upload videos as it is, it means that we copy the video content or you can say it is duplicate of original video but if we edit some videos and use those videos for entertainment with some nice music or animations so, is it against YOUTUBE policies. Even if we didn't get any copyright notice or any claim / strike by the content owner. 2. ROYALTY - FREE MUSIC I think their is creative common videos already available on YouTube. Creative commons videos are made by anyone and these videos can be use by anyone without any issue. If I am right so, ROYAL FREE MUSIC are also same thing. People compose their own music, allow other people to use his or her music in their videos with some conditions. If Music composer and the person who use that music according to composer condition and there is no issue in between both so, why there is problem with YOUTUBE. 3. COMPILATION Compilation means collection of some video clips and arrange them for viewers. I like to explain this with an example, many matches and tournaments are showing on TV channels. We all are big fan of SPORTS. Everybody has their own favourite sports personality. Many times we forget or miss our favourite sport match or tournaments. If missed it and I found Highlights or compilation of that match on any video channel so, what would I like to watch highlights or complete match. According to me I like to watch the highlights or compilations of best moments, best shots, emotional moments and like to watch compilation of my favourite sports star moment / shots again and again. You can see that every match has match highlights at end of match. 4. READING OUT OF STORIES POSTED ON OTHER WEBSITES. I think this point need some discussion because if I want to know something and that content is available in some other language which I don't know and I want somebody to tell me that in my language so, is this against YOUTUBE policies. Because one person can't tell that story in every language. I have these few doubts about this post Is YouTube taking Duplicate content, Copied video, Entertainment, information, knowledge Old stories in different languages at one place? OR Is YouTube trying to just reduce the count of creator and leave all duplicate or copied content as it is with monetization if it uploaded earlier in 2017 (monetized) and after 2017 rest of all are not eligible for monetization. I checked this since last 2 months that most of technical channels got monetized. Can you please tell me that what mostly technical channels do. Pick trending topic like Launching New I phone and everybody telling that I phone story according to their own whereas all update already updated on I phone website. In short Technical channels pick a trending story and tell in their videos in their language (same topic). And what YouTube do..... Activate mostly channels Great........... I think YouTube should see the interest of the viewers. Everybody has his own interest. If channel get genuine views so, YouTube should think about that channel. & YouTube better know which channel has genuine views. EVERYBODY SPENT THEIR TIME FROM LONG TIME & GIVE EFFORTS FOR MAKING CONTENT.... YouTube should inform the creator if content is not appropriate according their terms and conditions so, they can stop their efforts and save time to do something else. Or YouTube don’t care about other people’s efforts and time.

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