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  1. It seems to me that duplication is a different (broader) concept than content id matches. That is, I'm not sure if having a content ID claim is sufficient or necessary for a duplication claim. It seems like duplication is also aimed at reuse of copyrighted, Creative Commons, AND public domain content that may not be claimed in content ID. That being said, there's a lot we don't know yet about the boundaries of what is considered duplication vs original content.
  2. This is interesting to me. I don't get a whole lot of subscribers, but I've noticed that since YouTube made its change to how it counts subscribers (in mid September 2017), most of my subscriber gains started being "correctly" classified to watch page rather than channel page -- so I thought part of the change was that YouTube was being a little more judicious in tracking "referrers" vs pre-Sept 2017. (In fact, because of that, when I had a spike in subscribers to "other" as a source, I immediately discounted these subscribers...it's just so atypical.) So, I don't really have anything that can help, but it's interesting that you are still seeing most subscribers come from the channel page in your Subscribers report.
  3. Yeah, @Xingcat, I would definitely email Marissa. I also had issues at first but they got it resolved. (well, there's still an issue that my YouTube forum best answers aren't counting the points)
  4. Haha, I'll have to see if the trend continues to real names. I'm far more active on YouTube via my brand account, so personally, it makes more sense to reinforce that, but if the both continues to be real names, I'll reach out for a change in the future.
  5. Thanks for sharing this -- I had seen the graphs, but I don't think they had the explanation attached on reddit (or maybe I was just skimming too much). It's kinda sobering to think that 24.5k subscribers gets you to the top 1% -- not even enough to get a silver play button.
  6. @Tom Kvichak, I'm experiencing the same thing between my brand account subversiveasset and my main gmail account. AFAIK, you can't use brand accounts on the help form.
  7. I saw from the Creator Community post (and voted accordingly). Would be very interested in seeing more responses from folks who found from other sources.
  8. I'm hoping that everyone else got their stuff figured out, since I'm just a Rising Star from the old CC, and I did get access to the dashboard, etc., so it would be weird if some Top Contributors had not. I have an ongoing issue in that my YouTube Help Forum answers are not registering to me, but I guess that'll be sorted out in time. Anyway, it feels very weird posting on the Contributors Community, since it has the same name/look and feel as the closing Creator Community...I suspect that's why there's not a lot of activity there.
  9. Great post, Leo! To highlight a few points you mentioned, the bullet point about listing what kind of content you want to create is SO important. I so often see posts in various forums that ask: "Want to collab?" with no detail -- but really, there's a wide range of content creators with a wide range of interests, and you want to find someone who is in your niche or compatible with your niche. But remember as well: Creators Hub is a very diverse group, so there may simply not be a lot of people in your niche.
  10. I'm very interested in the useful features mentioned in the 2nd bullet point -- but as noted, based on the timing of the transition, it looks like these are still quite a ways off?
  11. Hey Chris/CPG -- welcome to the Hub! Also glad to see another active participant from r/youtube, but I too am hoping that things can be more constructive and less rant-y here.
  12. @jamiedoesthings , no need to apologize -- definitely not a hijack! I do think it's important that even as contributors/rising stars/etc., we are able to provide informed, constructive feedback to youtube.
  13. Hahaha, it looks like a lot of people are signing up with their names rather than channel names; maybe I should have done that
  14. Just trying out this new forum -- I'm subversiveasset, a rising star from the old Creator Community with a channel about creating video game cover stories (don't just hear the cover; read the cover story!) I'm hoping that we can all turn this forum into a must-visit resource for YouTubers!
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