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  1. ericparker

    Not approved because of "Duplication"

    Appears to be correct, as you're uploading content primarily about violating the DMCA (downloading videos from websites which do not offer a download button).
  2. Read this post by Leo Wattenburg - Specifically Leo mentions this AdSense policy - https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/2604824#thin-content against "Thin Content".
  3. Definitely interested in possibly having red in Canada. Number 4 is both good and potentially concerning, I hope they don't go after "creative" violations of copyright, or stuff that rightsholders are fine with. With that said it's exciting to see revenue going to serious and valuable productions and not getting divided up on a million minecraft let's plays.
  4. ericparker

    YouTube Contributers Program

    I believe it also adds flagging privileges and potentially a path to Trusted Flagger status. Could be wrong about that though.
  5. ericparker

    AdSense as 100% Income

    Definitely something we're looking at. I'd like to have LMG style prerolls on Flare1's larger original channel's soon, and also look at promoting original products (something we'd work with experts on).
  6. ericparker

    Why is YouTube Moving here?

    This forum was organized by a couple TC's (Top Contributors).
  7. ericparker

    Why Ads May Not Show Up Often on your Channel

    Really great work on this post. I have to think this would especially be an issue if your doing cocktail videos.
  8. ericparker

    I am Chris Plays Games, YouTube creator for more than 10 years

    Awesome, great to see everyone from the subreddit and creator community joining.
  9. ericparker


    Welcome! Great to see you here.

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