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  1. Can anyone review this?
  2. Can you check my case? It's on page 1
  3. Hi guys. I think I got rejected by a mistake, I need someone experienced enough to tell me what should I do or what was the reason behind rejecting. So here to begin, I upload my own content, I record with my own camera and edit videos myself. I'm doing car tutorials on my OWN car, so everything is my own, but 2 months ago I did a stupid compilation video which contained photos from google so I got demonetized due to 'duplication'. On YT forum they told me to delete that video and re-apply in 30 days, which I obviously did. And today I got an e-mail from youtube telling me I got rejected and was unable to monetize due to DUPLICATION. As you can check on my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcP1QZwAdrpTzuxusdreGEg every single video is fully mine, I even recorded most of my videos about my OWN car. So why are they telling me I have a duplication issue? My videos are unique and people seems to like it and find it very helpful. Also to notice, I'm very communicative and I engage with the fans, I respond to every single question and comment, and I upload very often.

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