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  1. Cearly, YouTube couldn't care less on its content creators. Either have I read the case of this guy whose video has been copied and uploaded by others and is punished -even YT could easily identify who did upload the original video or at least who did it first-... or those of us who keep to be not monetized with ambiguous responses instead of actually flagging those videos in our channels who do not comply so we can actually LEARN from the procces instead of being kept in the darkness...
  2. So... time passed by, I reapplied and got rejected again despite of having no copyright issues listed and after deleting all videos that could be suspected by copyright... Is there any way to have a manual review of the channel? I am creating videos of myself explaining scientific stuff, or me teaching chemical engineering... Thanks...
  3. Hi... thanks a lot for posting this information. It is helpful. Probably 8 years ago, I found a Beakman show I wanted to use for my students, so I uploaded it to my youtube channel (and forgot about it). I was monetized years ago (while that video was kept private) and others claimed copyright notices because of background music I had bought from Magnatune (which claimed to be ok for podcasting, but my podcasting server died).... anyway... I got kicked from monetization this year with the policy change... I didn't manage to get the 4k viewing hours... I have started donig videos again and reached the limit for monetization... but I got rejected because of duplication... a couple of weeks ago, I got a message from youtube saying the beakman video was blocked worldwide as it had been found as duplicated... I deleted it prior the rejection to monetize. Now that I got rejected I erased all the videos with copyright notice, except for one which I impugnated and I'm waiting for response... BUT! today at noon, I got the e-mail again saying my Beakman video was blocked... the same video I had already erased weeks ago. When logging into Youtube I found the video listed again, and deleted it AGAIN... with a message that I undertand the copyright notice would not be erased (?). So, do you think I have any hopes to monetize or should I just drop the channel altogether? Will youtube rea-appear beakman's old video again in my list forever to blame me for that duplication?
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