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  1. Hi, @Leo Wattenberg Thank you for this very informative post. Do you - or anyone else - have any suggestions on what to do in this situation: I filmed a video of my wife and daughter in a monster carrousel Video was not edited in any way and has no music on it. Video was uploaded to Youtube (13 YO Daughters channel) as a simple test on how to upload a video to a Youtube channel. Video has never been submitted anywhere else by us. A year ago we could see, that the video at that time had more than 2 million views and the channel more than 15K subscribers. We then decided to apply for monetization in December 2017. The channel met ALL listed requirements. In August 2018 (!) we got rejected monetization because of "Duplication" - still having only one video on channel. In October I edited the metadata for the video with information from original file and I also uploaded more videoes of the same type (videoes with monster carrousels with and without family members). After adding more content, I re-applied for monetization. This week I got the second rejection. Still saying "Duplication". The video now has more than 13.4 million views and the channel more than 38K subscribers. When googling my video, I can see, that it has been uploaded on a lot of websites, most of them linking to our original video. Link to video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3t3NstOLB1w&t=308s (wife and daughter are sitting as number 4 and 5 from left - in beginning of video) Any suggestions on how to get Youtube recognizing the very popular video as mine (and not just a duplicate)? Any suggestion will be highly appreciated. I do of course have proof (E.g. Original video and also photos of Wife and Daughter taken the same day in the same amusement park). BR Peter

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