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  1. Last time I checked, I'm also part of the media, not just some random audience. Are you part of Youtube by the way? I'm just curious. Fyi, a good example is the Youtube of Audie Gemora who is the theater director of Solaire and 100% authorized to take videos. So, will Youtube demonetize him in the future just because "it looks like it was shot from someone in the audience, not an authorized film crew" ? And most of his videos are of talents under his management too.
  2. Are you sure? Because last time I checked I help in producing shows. So I can't film a show I paid good money to put up? I can't film my own productions? So helpful.
  3. Hello. I received a copyright strike around 3 days ago and filed a counter-notification because the one who filed the strike is not the owner of the video and someone who actually reuploaded it on the same day. Now, less than a day after that, I received an email saying my channel was demonetized due to reused content. What should I do now?
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