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  1. Xingcat

    YouTube Contributers Program

    I have been trying to log into the Contributors' Dashboard for a week or so now, and the Moderators have said that they know there's a problem, but it's not fixed yet. At this point, I'm considering it typical YouTube, which is to roll things out when they're half-baked and then just say, "Meh, that's the way it is." It's sad that such a large company is so very bad at their own QA, but I guess that well-working community involvement has never been their biggest priority.
  2. Xingcat

    YouTube Contributers Program

    I signed up to see what it was all about, since I was a TC on the Creator Community, and...they haven't gotten back to me. So I'm guessing that they have enough? Not sure. Anyway, I wasn't too thrilled about the idea, but I'm always interested to see what YouTube as an organization considers contributors to be, but they haven't signed me up after I put myself on the list.
  3. Xingcat

    CreatorsHub is looking to replace the Creator Community

    I'm a big fan of this place already. Thanks for setting it up!
  4. Xingcat

    wow, forum software better than YCC

    Yeah, this forum actually seems to be member-focused, which is nice to see. I like all the features, for sure.
  5. Yeah, as a community manager in my daily work (for my company's online communities), I know that it's ridiculously time-consuming and resource-intensive to keep a good community going. I think that YouTube fell into the same trap I see many communities falling into, which is to believe that their communities will be "self-sustaining," in that the membership would take the wheel in terms of content creation, focus, and deciding on the themes that are emerging with the community-at-large and how to handle them. It's not something that I think they anticipated (though you'd think they might have some insight into it) and the fact that they leaned so heavily on the TCs and RSs for most of the moderation work was telling. That said, I think it's better to have it closed than to have an open community where the spamming was getting so overwhelming, the questions that the TCs couldn't answer from a company perspective were just hanging there without any response, and people taking guesses about what YouTube had in mind with policies, etc. It's sad, but not surprising. When they didn't hire anyone to replace Ashley, I kind of figured they were either focusing on non-English forums or that they just gave up on the Community altogether.
  6. Xingcat

    Studio Tour: What does YOUR studio look like?

    I have two "studios" in my house. The first is a wall that's painted apple green, approximately the color of a green screen, which we do most of our puppetry videos in front of. That's in the basement, directly across from the washing machine. The other "studio" is our kitchen, which is intensely small. I do our recipe videos there on the single counter we have, and we film intros and outros sitting on the floor in front of the fridge.
  7. Xingcat

    Hi I'm Chris

    Hi Chris!
  8. Xingcat

    Hi! I'm Patrick

    Hi Everybody! My name is Patrick, otherwise known as Xingcat. If you look up Xingcat anywhere on the internet, there's a good chance the results you'll get are somehow related to something I've been doing online, since I've had that handle since around 1996. I have a channel dedicated to puppetry for all ages. I was also a Top Contributor on the YouTube Creator Community, and I live in the Boston area of the US. Good to meet you all!

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