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  1. That makes more sense now.. That may be the reason they divided channels into brand and personal ones..
  2. You were guessing it, weren't you? Can you support your statement with evidence? because I found something completely different to what you say, and my evidence is here https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-45523304
  3. Is it legal to purchased demonetised or monetised channel? is so I would love to purchase a massive subscriber based Music channel .. I do not need the channel to be monetised.. Is it legal??
  4. I am looking to start 24/7 live streaming on one of my other channel. Can any one recommend a good server that allows 24/7 live stream without any bandwidth limitation at higher bitrate.
  5. Hi there, I started a new music channel and have started moving music from old channel to the new channel. Now due to the new guideline my new channel videos are considered duplicate video. I decided to delete all the videos from my old channel but keep then in my new channel. Now the only channel with the unique music / videos is my new channel. Will my new channel be still considered violation the YPP terms? despite of being only the channel with the unique music/ videos ( all original).Technically my new channel is not the one uploading those music first, it was my old channel ( however now they are all removed now from the old channel). Any advice or your views would be highly appreciated. Kind Regards Dr Nepal
  6. Thank you for your response, but I wonder how is my current channel which is purely music and other music channel flourishing very well without being demonetised. This is something I am finding hard to understand. Are they very biased?
  7. Hi There, Today My another channel was demonitised, saying reused content but all music are mine created from scratch and I can prove this with all the evidences. Is there a way to sort this out or do you actually find anything wrong with my videos here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSESBy21jWtUevR1QIl-Raw Please advice. Thank you
  8. Ture, But did you notice, new channel for some reasons gets more chance of exposure and attract subscribers than the old channels? I have other new channels doing pretty good comparatively for the very similar content type. It may be better sometime to branch out with similar but more specialized contents to the new channel.
  9. This is the exact situation with my channel too. Unfortunately new channels have left old channels far behind despite of the content quality, in many cases. ☺
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