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  1. One more thing, When and How can I get the community tab for my Channel, I have crossed 2.5K Sub's.
  2. So if I start Live Streaming or over voice (commentary) in my new videos, will I be able to monetize my Channel, without deleting any of my previous content.
  3. I want to ask why did they held my application for further review, can't just they accept it in 1st review. I am following all the YPP and Ad Sense Policies and I never got any strike on my channel, bcz I only upload content recorded on my Mobile Device and NCS Music. Why did they write this to me: "When our team reviewed your application, we concluded that we don't have enough information to make a decision on your application at this time. Because of this, your channel AKA Xtreme is being held for further review to make sure that it meets our policies, and we will re-review your application in the near future. We have a responsibility to support a healthy environment for advertisers, creators and users, so we want to give careful thought before making a decision on each application."?
  4. Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong. I have totally original content on my channel and I am only using NCS Music in all my Gameplay videos and New Season Updates. All the content is recorded on my Mobile Device. I also claimed 2 copyright on my "Reaching 100 RP" video, 2 unknown people downloaded my Video and re-uploaded on their channel which I claimed, both the videos are removed from their channel's. My channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0NdVRIIvHnn4mgtWVnHjGQ
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