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  1. I got rid of monetization for '' Repetitive content '' That my content is repetitive? In what exactly? My content I try to do it as varied as possible, I do not automatically generated content, much less copy and paste, all the scripts I do from scratch, even in a channel where my record is less than my main channel, and does not generate many visits, reject monetization for the same. What is not educational in that exactly? In not making content similar to Youtube Kids? In some videos I teach things in tutorials, some endings about animation, and help gamers solve some things in video games. My content if you add unique and relevant value, apart from the popularity that I have achieved in some videos, users tried to copy my style, and it does not come out. Is it to use synthetic voice? Understand that not everyone can use their real voice, and even then, I have a channel where I use my voice, and they reject monetization anyway.
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