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  1. @AAAA Thank you that was very helpful
  2. Recently i have had my live streaming rights revoked and i have waited the ninety days, my community guideline strike has gone away but not my revocation of live streaming rights its has been 3-4 days since then, how long will i have to wait to be able to live stream again.
  3. i was explaining to the extent of what i know on this topic not supporting the catchy intros
  4. The idea is to get the intro song stuck in your head so you think about the channel a lot p.s i use an intro too, but not the standard template ones
  5. i'm pretty sure this forum was not the doing of YouTube, rather a creator
  6. Henry Makes

    I'm new

    hi i'm new, whoever created this thank you i was very mad that they are sun setting the creator community so this helps a lot to have an alternative.
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