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  1. I've seen the blue hash tags on peoples' videos and was wondering if that was a special feature for those with higher sub counts. I just tested it, and sure enough, it works! Very cool. I'll have to see about going through a lot of my videos and adding these (hopefully effectively).
  2. Yep, can confirm--it's working on my stream archives. Seems to work pretty well too.
  3. I am not sure what is going on with this. The option shows up in a stream archive's "advanced settings", but it's greyed out. It doesn't look like there is an option for it when setting up a stream, only on the archive. I do like the idea of the feature and it makes sense for them to be implementing it (Twitch already has it).
  4. Try not to let it get to you. If you are growing at that rate, then you are obviously doing something right. That said, it never hurts to take a critical look at your output. Is there anything you can improve? Just keep working at it.
  5. I often wonder what goes through peoples' minds when they subscribe to a channel. When I sub to someone, generally I am pretty interested in what I saw and want more, and thus I watch more. My channel is on a much smaller scale than yours but I notice a similar phenomenon. It feels like only a very small percentage of those monthly subscriber numbers I accrue are converting into actual views.
  6. I am torn on intros. I know exactly what you are talking about smaller gaming channels using those pre-made, cookie-cutter intros. Always makes me cringe when I see them. That said, sometimes an intro can resonate with me and it becomes a part of the expected viewing experience. One of the more popular film critique shows, the Nostalgia Critic, always tosses an intro in there somewhere. It's a part of the character in a way and without it I feel like the videos would be missing something. I used to have an intro for my own content but over the last year and a half have stopped using it. I just get right into the video out of the gate and don't stop. I think it's better for my style of video that is already long to begin with. There's no sense in making the viewer (and potential subscriber) wait. I've even gone through a lot of older videos and chopped out the intros to them via YouTube's editing tool. Speaking of which, I know there are still a bunch out their with the intro.. I need to get back to cutting those out. Thanks for the reminder!
  7. Hey, I can barely hear you. Turn up the mic!
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