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  1. Game Domain

    YouTube demonetized my channel for no reason

    @cbpayne first off, it is fair use in the purpose that is was used for. Second, thousands of other channels have done similar videos and are still monetized, third, even if it was justified. How is it right that my entire channel gets demonetized due to 2 videos? Why wouldn't just those 2 videos have been demonetized. And now since they "made the right decision", I may no longer be able to pay my employees, and I could be out of a job, and now how a very tight budget. YouTube just doesn't care.
  2. Game Domain

    YouTube demonetized my channel for no reason

    @cbpayne https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyeJX3ZW7gXNlSQNQCbI6ew And the reason I believe it was done by a bot is because no videos were taken down or specifically targeted, nor did YouTube provide even the slightest examples of what was wrong.
  3. I have been running my YouTube channel with monetization on for over 3 years now and they're have never been any issues. However, a couple days ago, YouTube's randomized bot system had the compulsion to demonetize my channel, and say I can reapply in 1 month. Their reason was "reused content". It would have been nice to get an example and a way to contact YouTube so I could explain that I only make original content. But no, now the 25 people I employ's jobs are in danger because I'm not going to be making money. Does anyone know anyway to appeal ASAP or have any YouTube connections?
  4. Game Domain

    Hi I’m Alex (Game Domain)

    I’m a former Rising Star on the YouTube Creator Community, and I own a channel with over 3,000 subscribers!
  5. Game Domain

    Welcome to the community!

    Hi, if you are new to this community, this was created since the YouTube Creator Community is shutting down. As another post said, just follow the guidelines, and feel free to post anything relevant to the part of this forum your on!

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