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  1. Don't let the negative comments bother you, if you don't want others to see them, then just delete the comments. If they are persistent, like from the same person, then ban them from leaving any comments. Your always going to get some negative comments along the way. Keep doing what you love to do and ignore the negativity!
  2. Must be different lists for different creators. I checked the link for the past two days and have seen other channels in the list. Although the other 4 in the list is there but no CMC. Strange!
  3. Welcome aboard @Skorpion
  4. @Xingcat After sending Marissa an email with my ID's, I was able to sign in with my brand account Toms Trains and Things.I think you have to nudge them a little to get some attention on the matter.
  5. Great information, didn't realize there were so many creators not eligible for monetization. 89% of all creators under 1k subscribers, amazing!
  6. Ready to party! Woo hoo. Get the ball rolling toward the next 100.
  7. @subversiveasset even though I'm logged in as Toms Trains and Things for the dashboard now, it still reverts back to another of my identities in the Help Forum. Hopefully this will be corrected in the future.
  8. Welcome to the community. Good to see you here.
  9. Welcome to the community. Hope you enjoy it here.
  10. Hi George, good to see you here. Good luck with your new channel. Toms Trains and Things from CC Tom
  11. Looks like it @Richard Aspden More posts from Community Managers lately than from creators.
  12. Thanks @Richard Aspden, that worked. I was also able to access Community which looked similar to Creator Community but named Contributors Community with my brand account which shows all my activity as Toms Trains and Things and I can switch accounts to my base account which shows all zeros from my account. That is really confusing!
  13. @Richard Aspden I received the same email from Selvi on the 25th. On the 30th when the page changed from "On the waiting list" to Welcome, I tried to register but nothing happened. Were you sent to a different page once hitting the Register button? Mine just stays on the same page.
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