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  1. fairysale

    Diversifying a one-trick-pony

    I encountered this phenomen several times, and decided to follow my instincts: I do videos as I please and have fun with, and let unsubscribers go.
  2. fairysale

    Studio Tour: What does YOUR studio look like?

    Crafters need that top down setup, I use an older webcam for streaming my face and a Logitech 920 for the top down view on my craft table. (I highlighted the webcams so you folks can find them) I bought a Panasonic Twincam for Interviews and such, but barely use it. Two soft boxes from Amazon, they do their job. Another lamp from top that I bought for my desk, it helps when filming details on the table. Because I do live streams once a week when crafting, I use a second screen to show and controll other content (like facebook photo albums) or controll stuff like livechat or nightbot during the stream with OBS. Don't mind the chaos, I call it art :-P
  3. fairysale

    I'm a newbie :-) :-)

    Welcome @Derrick Schommer! Great to meet you, everyone knows you from the CC and I loved your ideas over there.

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