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  1. Good day! I want to tell you about the new InvariMatch video content identification service by Invarivision company. This service allows any user to create collections of the original video which uses to find matches during the scanning process. InvariMatch uses a fast image matching algorithm as a basis which provides video frame by frame processing. This approach allows you to find matching video fragments from one second long as well as effectively recognize mixed video that was gathered from several sources. In fact this system is similar to Content ID which uses digital fingerprints but frame-by-frame comparison of video gives new opportunities in the case of InvariMatch. Here you can see the presentation and user manual. You can also use InvariMatch to trace spreading of video materials on the Internet. For example you can find pieces of the official brand materials in video blogger reviews. Let’s look at the simple example of the use of technology. There are about 26 thousands popular video clips uploaded to database as source video for searching. And here are two video mix - the top 100 & 200 of the most popular video clips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhvX14wUpm4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxGoAWhoCP4 You can use our other service Invariversum which is simpler and does not require registration for this test: www.invariversum.com Just copy the video mix links into the input field and click the "Scan" button You will see a list of matching fragments and links to the original video after scanning. Also you can see visually each matching fragment by clicking on "+". Thank you for your attention I will be glad to hear your comments about the service

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