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  1. Hello, Some thumbnail related feedback, not sure if you just wanted feedback specifically about the content inside the video. It may be a matter of personal style, but maybe for your thumbnails you could try adding an outline or glow to the main object in the picture. This can maybe make it even better stand out from just being an in-game screenshot or autogenerated frame. You could also perhaps try changing the contrast or saturation to make the image more vibrant. Good luck.
  2. Hello, Sorry, this is not the official YouTube forum, so there are no YouTube staff here to help you.
  3. I'm no expert so I'm just guessing, but hopefully it can help. Maybe you can also try and link the website to your Adsense account? Not sure if that would force you to put ads on it. My reasoning is that they would perhaps see that you own the website as well. As I said, I'm just thinking of random suggestions, so I don't mean to put you through some trouble that may not work at all.
  4. Maybe YouTube assumed you were reposting the videos from somewhere. Perhaps you could add a description to your channel speaking about your relation, not sure if the reviewers pay attention to that.
  5. I am curious about the effect of premieres on the money made from a video. The livestream-like nature of the premiere with the live chat and possible creator interaction adds in the superchats with direct financial contributions. However, you mentioned premieres should "prepare for 1% of" subscribers to actually be at the premiere. Additionally, the premiere appears different form a regular video even after it has been completed with the presence of a live chat replay (not sure if disabling this would make them look the same). Some potential viewers may be less inclined to a watch a premiere after the fact as they sort of missed out on the live experience, which could lead to lower viewership of that video. I don't know whether the data will conclusively show whether or not premieres make more/less/(the same) amount of money as a regular upload due to superchats and a possible viewer-count discrepancy.
  6. Thanks. That seems good, it would expand the use of WishPage even more, people can support each other.
  7. No problem. Also, perhaps you could show the date each wish and reply was posted. Then one could maybe also sort wishes by date posted/replied to, etc. That way one could tell how old/new a wish or reply is? It's up to you.add
  8. I meant for there being multiple people offering rewards, so each rewarder selects their own specific reply, if I understand correctly? I could see myself using the website to try and fulfill some requests possibly in the future. A larger userbase and more requests would probably work, but that may just come with growth over time. That would let me have a better chance of finding requests I can easily fulfill that sort of fit into things I normally do with YouTube or others. Maybe having the chat on a sidebar and minamizable on the right side of the screen instead of open automatically. Good luck.
  9. For wishes which have multiple people offering rewards, like the dancing dog request, does rewarder get to select who to payout to? Or is it based off the initial requester?
  10. This is an interesting and cool idea. It could also be a way for game developers to post requests for people to play their game and make videos about it. How do the payouts work? As soon as the requester selects the response for the payout, does the responder get payed? Are there multiple payment options/platforms/methods?
  11. A YouTube Creator Help Forum which was shutdown by YouTube and is read-only at the moment, maybe someone can find some useful information among the posts: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!forum/youtube-creators A YouTube Monetization Forum, like the one above, but about monetization: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!forum/monetization-on-youtube The "Official YouTube Help Forum": https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!forum/youtube Just found those right now, not sure if they are of any value.
  12. I do not know much about monetization rejection and duplication, but I would recommend that you also delete any drafts of the duplicate video you may have. I think there's another topic about monetization rejections: I think it has some different reasons the application may have been rejected, so it could be useful to read. One thing it mentioned was how having even drafts of duplicate content could make you ineligible. Good luck, and hopefully someone else with more knowledge can also answer this question.
  13. Hello Diem, Do not send the attacker any money, they cannot help you. If you give the attacker money, they will just want more money. Your channel says it was terminated now, not suspended: I think you should send a message to YouTube. This is a page about YouTube Terminations (terminated means deleted): https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2802168?hl=en. Here is the form where you can appeal (appeal: asking for them to change their decision / action): https://support.google.com/youtube/contact/accountdisabled You should also give them the picture of the messages he sent. I do not know a lot about YouTube suspensions and terminations, so I cannot help that much. Good luck, I hope you get your channel back.
  14. @Leo Wattenberg, does deleting duplicate videos include deleting unlisted videos, and those in draft form? @What You Haven't Seen, has there been any update on the status of your channel? Did deleting the drafts of the duplicate videos work? If it did, this could solve the problems of some of the other people, such as Keltuc, below. @keltuc, depending on the answers of Leo and What You Haven't Seen, we may know what needs to be done. Maybe all the unlisted duplicate videos are what is affecting your channel. Though, I cannot tell if deleting them will fix your status, until @What You Haven't Seen or @Leo Wattenberg have some new information.
  15. The hero content ending in a draw seems familiar, oddly recent.
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