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  1. Socratica Kim

    CMC Common Man Cocktails is being recommended!!

    Interesting, @Tom Kvichak! I went to an anonymous browser and still see CMC. Are you scrolling through the cooking & health options to the right? I do see the people you've posted, but others as well. Edited to say, I take it back - I see the first 5 of these but not Mommy Tang. Tricksy!! I wonder if they're running some kind of local profiling. I'm anonymous (not logged into my google account) but they can see where I am located..
  2. Socratica Kim

    Is vidcon mainly for kids, or big youtubers?

    We've been to the last two VidCons. We are considerably older than the "Community" attendees. But you'll see all kinds of people at the Creator level. We're in our mid 40s and we're not out of place there. We are probably not going to go back this year, because after attending twice, and realizing the experience the second year was almost identical (there was a bit less to learn, actually - not as good of panels last year as the year before) - we don't think it will be worth the high ticket price for the two of us to attend again. Not to mention taking ~ 4-5 days off from our work. I'm really glad we went that first year, however. It was a real eye-opener to attend panels with other creators, and meet a lot of creators in the audience. I got to talk with several of my favourite YouTubers, and got to know them as colleagues. That was AMAZING. Being a YouTuber can be quite isolating, and so making a few connections helped dispel that feeling that we were all alone in our work. I don't think VidCon is the only way you can achieve that, however. Forums like this actually allow for much more careful, thoughtful exchanges of ideas. Everyone is so goofed up at VidCon and there are so many screaming tweenagers running around that it's hard to hear yourself think. But if you would like a carnival atmosphere, punctuated by moments of real meetings with fellow creators, then give VidCon a try. At least once. Highlights for me included: - attending the Rocket Jump Film School panel (I love them, love them, worship them and they offered genuinely helpful advice) - meeting Emily Graslie, Patrick JMT, Paul Andersen (Bozeman Science), Destin from Smarter Every Day, Sally Le Page, etc. - all of these "edu" type creators that probably don't attract a huge community crowd but they are the creators I want to learn from. - realizing, after speaking to a lot of other YouTubers, just how far we've come and that we really have learned a lot over the years.
  3. Hey guess who I saw recommended today on https://www.youtube.com/feed/guide_builder?! Congratulations @Derrick Schommer Common Man Cocktails!!
  4. Socratica Kim

    Hi, I'm Richard.

    Hi Richard! I love the idea of microvlogs...but does YouTube (The Algorithm) take kindly to such short watchtimes? That's the one thing I'd be afraid of - and it makes me sad that the Almighty Allpowerful Algorithm will be selecting against unique content ideas like this. We used to make very, very short videos (30 sec - 1 min) that tied in with phone apps (we really just used YouTube to host them). But it wasn't until we started making much longer videos (5-10 min) that our channel started growing steadily.
  5. Socratica Kim

    Hi, I am Paco

    Paco, so nice to meet you! We're so glad we're still going to have a place to meet and share ideas with other creators. Thank you for getting this started.
  6. Socratica Kim

    YouTube statistics: The big picture

    Thanks for sharing this - we could look at stats like this all day! Endlessly fascinating.
  7. Socratica Kim

    AstroBiological intro!

    It's Ben, everyone!! You've got to check out his channel. It will make you want to rush out and look at the world every day and the stars every night!
  8. Socratica Kim

    We're Socratica. We make math & science videos.

    Hi BEN!!! Nice to see you here!!
  9. Socratica Kim

    Clean Up Your Channel

    Ohhhh! I would just ignore those If it really bothers you, you could try to get clever and include a bunch of strings with asterisks in the blacklist words, so at least those comments will be held for review. For example, hold everything that is aa*, bb*, cc*, dd*, ee*...a1*, a2*...2z* - this will catch a lot of the comments where it's just a child bashing their fingers on the screen. You won't catch all of them, though!
  10. Socratica Kim

    Clean Up Your Channel

    I would def. delete so you don't give other kids the idea that it's okay to write things like that. It's hard to unring that bell. Sometimes it helps to write your own comment first, and pin it to the top of the comments. Include a question. This helps set the tone for what comments you'd like to see or are inclined to respond to. I've learned this from our "grownup" channel. Our kids' channel doesn't get many comments at all, and most of the comments we do get are more like babbling, nonsensical sorts of things. Nothing naughty.
  11. Socratica Kim

    Becoming a YouTuber: The Basics

    re 5,6,7: It's very true that it wasn't until we started narrowing our focus to a few areas that our channel started growing more reliably. We started out making all kinds of educational videos, for all sorts of ages, and even in several different languages. We made whatever videos popped into our heads, plenty on topics that no one was looking for. Each year, we narrowed our focus (splitting off other channels where we could keep up production - for kids and for Spanish and Portuguese) until now we are much more tightly focused on topics you need to learn if you are in college for math & science. We stray a tiny bit from time to time, but really it was defining that audience and then giving them the content they wanted/needed that helped us grow more than anything.
  12. Socratica Kim

    Guide To Dealing with Trolls & Bad Comments

    I definitely have a heavy hand deleting negative comments. When we spend 10+ hours making a math video, and someone comments "Math Sucks and You're stoopid," I delete. If there is anything vulgar/racist/misogynistic/homophobic, I ban. We put in so much hard work and good faith to make excellent educational content for our viewers. These jerks take 2 seconds to write something that brings everyone down...well, they haven't done anything to deserve a spot on our channel. They can go make their own channel and fill it full of negativity. My one concern that I haven't really gotten ahead of is that a huge percentage of our commenters will write something useful, but then also throw in a comment about our host's appearance. If I delete every comment that mentions appearance, I'll be deleting all day. One of the weird, truly weird things about being a woman on YouTube.
  13. Hi everyone! I'm Kim from Socratica. We make math & science videos. Happy to connect with you all.

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