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  1. Hi, creatorshub I'm happy to see this place rising from the ashes of the old forums and excited to meet everyone here! The title of this thread comes from the opening line of most of my videos - I want everyone watching to know them they're a vital part of my creative journey, more so than on most other platforms. I play around with lots of different genres and formats that take my interest in the hopes that sharing my progress inspires creators/aspiring creators to share more of their work, too. I especially enjoy languages, j-fashion, tv and film, and indie games, so aspects of those often show up in sketches, animations, or more talk-y videos. I'm only player 1 on my channel, though - everywhere else I try to be the best player 2 I can be to help out other creators. Since early this year I've been enjoying running a little discord server for productivity/creative projects, which I love. I would especially like to help out with dream projects people can't easily do alone - and it would be amazing to collaborate with as many people as possible, so I'll probably be in the collab corner a lot! I have a small channel and I've been away for a while, but nothing makes me as happy as the creative community, so my goal for the next six months is to get back into an upload schedule (and, of course, to improve over that time too). Anyone here share any of these interests, or working on anything big at the moment? I don't know how to end this post, so here's a gif
  2. Likewise, I saw the links on the graveyard of the Creator Community and hurried over here. I'm also very curious to hear who got here from other places!
  3. @Leo Wattenberg Ah thanks, that's good to know having active admins is a luxury I could get used to...thank you for all your hard work! (Sorry for hijacking your thread there, Andrew! Just wanted to add your channel concept is really cool. I look forward to seeing you around in the forums )
  4. Hi, @subversiveasset! I spotted your comment on the forum's closure announcement post earlier - the fact that you were a rising star who disagreed with the decision to close fit with your username so well that it amused me greatly Meanwhile, I tried to like your post, but got an error message: "Sorry, you cannot add any more reactions today." @Leo Wattenberg, is this limit subject to change as the forums develop?
  5. I don't have a photo right now, but I wanted to stop by and say that's amazing that you have a whole wall of your house as a dedicated green screen, Patrick. I really aspire to have a living space I can dedicate to creating some day! And Danny, I love how minimal your setup is. I also aspire to have a workspace this clean (wow! old school forum emojis too!) Does your desk convert into a standing desk?
  6. Huge thanks for setting this up. I've been away for a while, so I was shocked to find the forum was read-only earlier today! I'm glad that there's at least a bit more time to look over its resources, which I hope can migrate over here. I have to say that the Top Contributors really made the forum what it was, so to see some of you here already is very heartening!
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