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  1. Richard Aspden

    YouTube Contributers Program

    You're right @subversiveasset, you can't use your Brand Account on the help forums. The Community Mangers of the Contributors are aware of this, @Tom Kvichak and they keep your contributions there in mind as part of what you do in the Contributor Program.
  2. Richard Aspden

    YouTube Contributers Program

    Same here @Tom Kvichak. The Community there doesn't seem particularly active though.
  3. Richard Aspden

    YouTube Contributers Program

    Ah right, I got hit with that page as well @Tom Kvichak. Turns out that my Brand Account, that my TC status and channel are on, face that screen, but the base email account can access the contributor dashboard. Click on your avatar in the top right of that page, and change it to your base email account, if you can, and you should have access through that.
  4. Richard Aspden

    YouTube Contributers Program

    That's odd @Derrick Schommer and @Xingcat. Selvi reached out to me on January 25th, and I was given access on Jan 30th.
  5. Richard Aspden

    Youtube Creator Community posting access finally removed.

    I'm connected to Danilo and Selvi on LinkedIn, and it looks like the shutdown may have been in the works for a while. I hope, now that we have this place, we can continue building on what we know.
  6. Hey everyone. It looks like Youtube has finally removed posting access from the Youtube Creator Community. It looks like the final message to the English community was this message about VAT accounting. The community is still there, until the end of February, to save posts and contact other creators. It seems like you can still DM other people. Once March rolls around, it'll be a sad day. Richard
  7. Richard Aspden

    Why is YouTube Moving here?

    Hey @AndresVideo Channel, it's good to see you here too!
  8. Richard Aspden

    Hi All, Toms Trains and Things Here

    Hey @Tom Kvichak good to see you here!
  9. Richard Aspden


    Hey! Welcome tot he community @Choongie's Studio!
  10. Richard Aspden

    I'm a newbie :-) :-)

    Hey CMC!
  11. Richard Aspden

    I am Chris Plays Games, YouTube creator for more than 10 years

    Which subreddit?
  12. Richard Aspden

    I am Chris Plays Games, YouTube creator for more than 10 years

    Hey @Chris Plays Games welcome to the community!
  13. Richard Aspden

    Hi I'm Chris

    Welcome to the community @Chris
  14. Richard Aspden


    Hey @sodacova, good to see you here.
  15. Richard Aspden

    Hi I’m Alex (Game Domain)

    Hey @Game Domain, good to see you here!

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