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Aaron M

Problems with Voice Narration..

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My channel is doing pretty well lately, with good watch time and ratings.. I've gained over 1000 subscribers in the last 4 days.. I should be very happy but I'm not.

A number of people in the comments section complain about my voice narration. They say I'm monotone, boring, annoying, or sound like I don't care. I don't do this on purpose and it's making me pretty self-conscious about making videos now. I'm almost positive it comes from trying to read a script and making sure I pronounce and say words correctly.. since I do short historical documentaries. I hate even looking at the comments now because someone else will be saying something about it.

I have a new video I have been putting off releasing because I keep changing the audio to make it sound less monotone or boring. I'm afraid I will be less likely to produce a lot of videos because I will be worried about how I sound. How do I change or solve this issue?

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Don't let the negative comments bother you, if you don't want others to see them, then just delete the comments. If they are persistent, like from the same person, then ban them from leaving any comments. Your always going to get some negative comments along the way. Keep doing what you love to do and ignore the negativity!

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@Aaron M The solution is really as simple as can be (but you probably don't want to hear it): Get better! If you're getting a lot of push back because of it, you need to improve and work through it. You can be sorry about it, sad about it, angry about it... but the fact is that you have room for improvement and that's great feedback and it gives you something to work on. Rather than take it as an insult, take it as a challenge. Get better.

Start doing some research on public speaking tips and tricks, look for local Toast Masters organizations where you can stand up and give talks and get more feedback to work on improving. What is your channel? I'll take a look.

So, to get you started, here is one of my narrations, I don't do them often (super time consuming so I usually work off the top of my head) but here is one of my narrations voiced over the content I'm building:


That was a sponsored one so it was a bit "cleaner", here is one that's a bit more whitty:


It's all about energy and enthusiasm, yes, but it's also about confidence. Confidence in yourself brings more energy, people will feed of it like a sauce. You need to have high energy and passion for your work. I've got other videos in which I read a script but I am in the video (not voiced over) and it requires more timing and editing for the jump cuts. But voice over work is easier because you can edit it to sound like your 10 retakes didn't come out all messed up.

Take one, take two, take as many times as you need to make sure the entire voice over is consistent at a high energy level. If you know your topic and love it, you need to invoke that passion in your speaking. It's no different than someone that sings a song that they memorized vs. someone that sings that same song with passion and confidence. One is good at memorizing, the other is good at telling a story.

You need to be a story teller, not just someone reading. It's entirely possible to learn and not something you're always going to be born with--what is your channel URL?




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Try not to let it get to you. If you are growing at that rate, then you are obviously doing something right.

That said, it never hurts to take a critical look at your output. Is there anything you can improve? Just keep working at it.

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