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Leo Wattenberg

NEW: The Copyright Match Tool. A tool to help you combat freebooters.

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Moin. YouTube today announced a new tool which basically is ContentID lite. As of writing this, it's available to channels with 100k+ subscribers.

What it does

The tool scans all public videos with >25 views and if a copy is found, the creator (ie, the first person to upload the video) gets the freebooted copy shown to them. The creator then has the option to issue a strike, message the freebooter, or do nothing. 

What it doesn't do

The tool won't protect music as such (probably best considering how widespread the use of royalty-free music is), it won't give you the ability to claim a video and take the ad revenue (like you can with ContentID), and it doesn't give you the ability to automate anything. It just allows you to find copies of your videos more easily. 

More information can be found in the Help Center: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/7648743

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At around 0:38 they say they use the video's upload date to determine who made the original video, but they circled the publish date. Hopefully they have a better way of actually seeing when a video was uploaded, as someone could have made the video private, then published it later. However, I'm not sure how anybody would manage to copy the older, unpublished video at some point.

I was going to talk about how at 0:13 one of the videos only had a 2% match, so there is a good chance they did not really infringe any copyright, maybe they just showed a clip of the video or something, but later in the video, the option is to request YouTube to remove the video/give a strike. I'm not sure how much review will go into the requests, or if they will be pretty automatic.

I wonder if there should be a feature for a video creator, for example, a sports highlights maker, to put a disclaimer or message to be seen by someone using the tool. I've seen some people who write in their descriptions that if someone has a copyright claim on the video, they are asked to message the video's creator and let them take it down themselves, instead of having a copyright strike against them. The messaging feature sort of does this, but allowing for a disclaimer would allow the copyright owner to have a better idea whether or not the video's uploader would be willing to resolve the problem themselves.

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Hi sir, Mr.  Leo Wattenberg

I use a 10 second audio clip with my own animation on a Attack on Titan opening video, as part of my intro.

I want to ask if what I did is still under Youtube Fair use? or am I not allowed to this,

I want to make sure that all my videos fall on community guidelines for my second review.


I appreciate your response.


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