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Leo Wattenberg

TL;DR: The Vidcon 2018 YouTube Keynote

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  • YouTube now has 1.9B users
  • In 80 languages and a lot of countries
  • Ways to make money:
    • Ads
    • YouTube Originals (250M views), having an Original show can boost viewership by 20%
    • Super chat: 65% that use it more than double their income during live streams
    • Sponsorships: Renamed to Memberships. Getting rolled out on the main page to "eligible channels" with >100k subs over the coming months
    • Merch: Cooperation with Teespring, avialable to all "eligible creators" in the US >10k subs
    • Tickets: Cooperation with Ticketmaster
    • Famebit: Got a redesign
  • New feature: Premieres. Allows you to start a countdown to get your audience hyped up over a video premiere. Currently in closed beta.
  • YouTube Stories: Rolling out to "eligible creators" with >10k subs later this year.
  • Community tab: has 60M people interacting with it. 

And that's pretty much it. I left out some sections in which creators appeared to sell YouTube as a product to the industry folks. Note that this was an industry keynote, not a creator keynote. You can see the full thing below 

Also, there's a blog post: https://youtube.googleblog.com/2018/06/vidcon-2018-helping-creators-earn-more.html


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2 hours ago, Leo Wattenberg said:

Community tab: has 60M people interacting with it. 

I do not understand why the community feature is restricted to those with only 10,000+ subscribers I think. Even as a small channel, I would like to interact with my subscribers and ask questions like what kind of content they would like without having to make a video just for that purpose. Regardless of whether anyone would reply, I do not see the harm in allowing everyone to have a community tab. Maybe to avoid spam, or some other reason, but I cannot tell why.

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