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[Known Issue] Video Frame Rate Stuttering for specific codecs on older videos

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Some videos, especially videos with a lower view count uploaded in 2015 and earlier, are showing significant frame rate stuttering when watched at most Quality settings.

  • When checking the Stats for Nerds page, all impacted videos show one of three codecs -- avc1.4d400b, avc1.4d400c, or avc1.4d4016.
  • Videos from channels with large view counts typically use Google's VP9 codec, which is why bigger channels are not reporting this issue.
  • Changing the quality playback for these videos to 360p changes the codec and causes them to play back correctly without stuttering. Only 360p works; even lower quality settings use the bugged codecs and continue to stutter.
  • Temporary Workaround: These videos can be forced to permanently re-encode at all quality settings with a different codec by using the Enhancement module to save over the video (even if no changes are made). This is only a short-term workaround for your critical videos -- it doesn't work for very long videos (>5 Hours), and only 8 videos can be queued at a time for reprocessing this way. We will need YouTube's attention to address the underlying bug with these codecs.
  • The stuttering typically gets worse as a video progresses. Check your older videos for these codecs and skip ahead to see if you detect the stuttering. If you do, for now, use the Enhancement module to re-encode your most critical impacted videos.
  • This thread contains a detailed discussion on the issue with examples from multiple users and an Edit History as we were figuring out and isolating the problem.



YouTube is aware of the issue and is working on a fix


source: reddit.com/r/youtube

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