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Leo Wattenberg

Report suspicious ContentID claims

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There now exists a form where you can escalate ContentID trouble:


Quick FAQ

Where do I find the information?

On the claims page, you can find information on what content got claimed in your video.

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When should I use this form?

  • If public domain content is claimed 
    Note: sound recordings of public domain compositions usually are not in the public domain themselves. 
  • If the claimed content is not in the video at all
  • If the claimed content doesn't belong to the claimant and you have proof
  • If the claimed content is ineligible for ContentID to begin with.

What does this form not do?

  • It won't resolve disputes around fair use
  • It won't resolve licensing issues (ie you got permission, but the licensor forgot to tell that ContentID)
  • It won't file a dispute. YouTube may or may not agree with me that the claim is invalid, but if they don't, the claim on your video will stay indefinitely. 

Why use this form? Why not just dispute the claim?

Disputing a claim will route it to the claimant that then either agree or disagree with your dispute. If they agree that the claim should get released, your video, and only your video will be released. 

In contrast, if you report the claim, it will get routed to YouTube itself, which then decides whether or not the asset will get deactivated (releasing the claims from all videos) and potentially penalize the claimant (eg prevent them from making new claims until a condition is met, or throwing them out altogether). 

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