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Richard J Pasini

Hitting that 1000 subscriber mark

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Hi, I am trying to reach that 1000 subscriber mark and can't seem to get there. I don't know if it's my content I am putting out there. I don't want to be a channel that strictly focuses on just one particular subject. I want my channel to be diversified. I want to put up things that just happened whether it be I went to my local park and there was a fair or an event and going on and I want to share it with people. I feel that by being open to different ideas it may help me with my channel growth. In closing, I would like to know what is your take on my idea any comments and suggestions are welcomed.

Thank you for your time.

Richard J Pasini

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Your channel has quite a lot of issues and going over them individually would take forever, so I'll be a bit more general and go through the final steps of my "becoming a YouTuber" list instead:


On 1/30/2018 at 10:52 AM, Leo Wattenberg said:

Define your audience. Who do you want to reach? Are the formats you have suitable to reach your audience?

You say you want to diversify, and that's fine, but if you want people to care about you and your channel, you'll need to make video for an audience. Otherwise, people subscribing for one thing, eg your boat videos, will only get "spammed" by your "Reseller news" series and quickly unsubscribe again. 

So, let's say you want to reach people who sell stuff on Ebay and other platforms. Who do you think these people are? How old are they, do they have a lot of time or are they busy? Is selling stuff on Ebay changing so often that you need to upload daily, or is a weekly format enough? 

These are questions you should ask yourself, and then make decisions on what videos you'll produce based on that.

You're talking about diversification, and that in general is a good thing, but diversification needs to happen in relation to your current audience if you're out for success. In other words, if you start with info on selling stuff on Ebay, that audience may also be interested in ebay horror stories about the most difficult customers they've had, or about selling stuff on Amazon, or about general economics, or about efficient warehouse keeping on a small-medium scale. 

That said, it is possible to have a personality-driven channel, where people don't really care about what you're saying or doing, but just love to see you do whatever. These channels however are structured very differently, usually around shallow entertainment and topics that everybody can get behind yet are still somewhat exciting. Your current videos just don't really offer that.


Pick the best formats. If you notice that a certain format or series of yours isn't as popular as your other stuff, don't be afraid to kill it. If you have a format that performs way better than your other stuff, perhaps consider making your other formats a bit more similar to the successful one.

For this, you'll need to have recurring formats on your channel. 


Check the market. Is someone else basically making your formats and saturating the market? Is there still a market niche you can fill? Is there a YouTuber with a similar audience to yours that you could collaborate with? What new innovations are there in the video industry, and how can you use them? These, and basically all other questions entrepreneurs have to ask themselves, are also valid for people who have "being a full-time YouTuber" as goal.

Looking at what other channels do - and more importantly, don't do yet - is also good to get success within a certain niche.

Lastly, here is some further reading:




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