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Leo Wattenberg

Buying views and subscribers

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If you feel like you aren't getting the success you deserve, buying a couple views and subscribers to appear larger sounds like a good idea, after all, YouTube prefers larger creators, right? Well, it unfortunately isn't that easy. 

Firstly, buying subscribers and views is addictive. Let's say you have a channel with 100 subscribers, but only get 10 views per video. If you now buy 1000 views for every of your videos and 2000 subscribers, it may look like you have a very healthy channel to an outsider. However, if you now upload a new video, you'll find that your purchased subscribers won't watch it: These bought subscribers may be bots, but even if they aren't, they get paid to subscribe to channels and to watch videos. They won't watch too many videos of someone who doesn't pay, and if they do, they likely will have to abort the video after the first minute or so in order to get to watching the next video. 
So, your new video will end up with 10 views again (if you got bots) or perhaps 50 if some of your purchased subscribers actually were real.
But wait! Now your new video looks like it's very bad compared to all your other ones? How do you fix that? Well, you got to buy some more views for your video. And the one after that. And after that. Long story short, buying metrics is a huge money sink. 

Secondly, buying views and subscribers doesn't actually help your channel. Let's continue the example above: Out of the 2000 new subscribers, 50 watch your videos after you stop paying them. But even if that's the case, your 10 original regular viewers were fans who subscribed to you because they liked your content, not because you paid them to do so, so your original viewers will give your video a good watch time while the new ones will have a lousy retention rate. YouTube meanwhile ranks your video by watch time. So your 10 fans watching each video fully may generate more watch time than the 50 people that stuck around after you purchased them. 

And thirdly, buying views and subscribers can get your channel as well as your AdSense account banned for life-time. You don't want that. 

So with that in mind, you may have the following questions:

Where is the line between a real and a fake view? YouTube defines it as follows:


A view is an intended watch of a video where the primary purpose is to watch the video; this means that a real human being wishes to see a video, chooses which video to watch and then acts on that choice.

A view should be a metric that reflects genuine interest, not a gauge of how many people mistakenly or unknowingly ended up watching your video.

This categorically makes the following things invalid views:

  • Any bots
  • Any activity where someone gets anything in return for watching a video (ie purchased views and traffic exchanges)
  • clicks on misleading thumbnails or other website elements
  • autoplaying embeds

Where is the line between a real and a fake subscriber? YouTube says


We believe that growing your channel should be done by creating quality content that entices viewers to subscribe and not through artificial or coordinated exchanges.

This categorically makes the following things fake subscribers: 

  • Any subscriber exchanges (sub4sub)
  • Purchased subscribers
  • Any bots


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