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Leo Wattenberg

How to find collaborations

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Step 1

Use the search. Chances are that there are others having posted their offers, you won't find them if you won't search for them first. If you find something that interests you: Reply to it

Step 2

If you can't find anyone who'd fit your scheme, make your own offer. Include relevant information regarding the collaboration, such as:

  • During which time frame are you looking to collab? 
  • What would the ideal channel look like you want to collab with?
  • Do you want to collab offline (working physically together) or online? If it's offline: Where do you live (avoid using your full address, just say in which city/region you are in)? How far are you willing to travel?
  • What kind of content do you want to create? 
  • Where do you want people to contact you? (PM in the forum, PM on YouTube, Email, Twitter, etc.)
  • Any other information that your potential partner should know?
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Great post, Leo!

To highlight a few points you mentioned, the bullet point about listing what kind of content you want to create is SO important. I so often see posts in various forums that ask: "Want to collab?" with no detail -- but really, there's a wide range of content creators with a wide range of interests, and you want to find someone who is in your niche or compatible with your niche. But remember as well: Creators Hub is a very diverse group, so there may simply not be a lot of people in your niche.

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